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15 year old dmp

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  • 15 year old dmp

    Hi, I have been paying into a dmp with Payplan for about 15 years, I only pay 65 per month on a total debt of 80k which has been running like clockwork and virtually no contact from the 8 dca companies that currently own the debt between them. The individual debts which range from 3000 to 19000 (taken out between 2001 and 2004) have been sold on to different dca companies numerous times over the years. I want to sort this out once and for all but only have 8,000 from a pension fund. What do you suggest? Should I ask for CCAs from each of the dca companies and then make a 10% offer or something else? I currently have a clean credit file with no debt apart from a bank loan for a car but I have no chance of repaying the total amount. My partner owns our property so I have no mortgage but he is unaware of the debt. Can you advise my next move? My income is quite low and I don't want to open Pandora's box by doing the wrong thing. The debts occurred during a very stressful time in my life and I am a completely different person now. The stress is growing every year I do nothing further to address my problem. Any help would be appreciated!
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    for a start CCA request to each company with a pound postal order keep copies of all, then you will see if you actual liable if no cca then you can get a correct picture - many alledged debts have no correct CCA prior to 2007, do not use pension payments unless fatal. find out if you are being cash cowed by these companies?? get proof of posting (free) for each one.


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      Thanks Mike, the debts do exist but have been passed from pillar to post so I doubt they will be able to provide CCAs. I just want to sort it as effectively as possible.


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        well if no CCA then they cannot take action? I have asked for further help for you on here, but sounds you are being cash cowed, no CCA no pay! see what you get back if anything? send CCA keep all copies on file, hate these companies who take money when they not necessary entitled to?? do not panic see what happens, keep a diary on here one for each alledged debt give detail when.who defult dates etc bit no account numbers or no names i.e yours?


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          have known people with alledged 50k and no CCA enforceable of course Debt collectors not tell them but soon found out when they acted for CCAs etc


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            CCA Request


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