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Complex and Ongoing issue

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  • Complex and Ongoing issue

    Hello all,
    So first off thanks for looking, and thanks in advance for anyone that advises and contributes to support.

    This is something that has been going on for a number of years and started way back in 2012.

    I'll give a back story just to help understand, it was decisions made that involved becoming embroiled in blackmail and fraud with police involvement at the end.

    So I worked at a large retail store, I was young and wasnt on a huge wage and I had become friendly with a colleague, at the time I was driving an old golf and had been for a while when he advised me his brother owned a large car hire firm and could help me get a car on finance at a fraction of the price with insurance included on his fleet.

    Too good to be true I initially thought, but his persistence and my young naivety led me to a meeting with his ' cousin ' who showed me around his fleet of very nice cars and his company details.

    He explained to me the way it worked was we take a car of my choice on finance and would pay said amount, but then take a secondary car in my name on finance that he would rent out and pay me cash for profits meaning I would only ever pay a manageable amount every month with insurance dealt with on his fleet.

    I questioned the legality of it which he assured me he does it with many people, and again being young and with the draw of a new BMW in sight I went for it.

    After I got the second car out the months proceeded to get worse with payments coming late to me, insurance issues where my car wasnt showing as insured, contact issues with both parties .. but it was too late I was stuck in this cycle and too embarrassed to own up to it to my parents so kept struggling through it with cash coming in irregularly.

    Around 2 years later I was approached again by the cousin saying the secondary car was now no good and needed changing as it isnt bringing money in to cover me, and if I didn't do it he would stop paying me and leave me stuck with both cars and 2 finance agreements.. I wanted this all to stop but i didnt see a way out but to again agree.

    He had a contact within a large firm that would fiddle the numbers of what I earned at work and changed my job role so I i would get accepted for the finance.. and thus the cycle began again.

    Another couple of years later and more missed payments and having to cover it myself, I got a new job which meant a company car .. I'd had enough and wanted it to end and threatened to finally go to the police. I took the car I had first took out back as the finance had ended and handing the car back closed the agreement but I still had the second car he had which had a hefty amount left.

    Then another issue.. the gearbox had gone on the second car and he wanted a third but I refused so he tried to convince.me that he would take a third car out and take gap insurance then get a friend to crash and write it off paying off the finance and leaving me free.. but this was major fraud and I didnt believe him anyway.. so I said no and the threats started to come.

    Then the final straw I was being contacted by the police, they had seized the second car and with my name on finance they wanted to speak to me under a codename operation wolverine which is a special task force for fraud insurance and car crime, they thought I was involved and said they had been tracking the main people for a number of years with over 100 other people and cars involved..

    I was terrified, I went in and opened up explained the whole story with all the evidence I had, luckily I had kept all my messages and voice clips I had been sent with the other person admitting to lying about the finance and wanting to crash the car and trying to force me to lie to the police to get the car back.

    I wrote a full statement and they let me go, I asked them what about the car he mentioned he had a contact in barclays who the finance was with and would tell them I was a victim and had been forced to fraudulently take the car out on finance with false information.

    But months later Barclays started to chase me after the first few payments defaulted..* with no money from said cousin now coming on I couldn't afford to pay it was far too much, I reached out to barclays and explained sending the email transcripts and evidence and they put it on hold for months.

    I recieved a letter stating that my account had been closed and my balance closing was 0, I was so happy like a relief off my shoulders..*

    But that wasnt the end .. Many months later I started to receive phone calls and letters from robinson way regarding the debt and they wanted payment for what I owed and threatened action, I called and wrote with evidence but they didnt stop until I finally spoke to someone to explain the situation and they again put it on hold.. weeks later they closed it again coming off my credit record and the account showing as closed..**

    But then again months later I got more calls and letters this time from hoist finance, who I discovered were the same company as robinson way just renamed..* asking for money but this time.asking for half the amount I owed but I still couldn't pay it and didnt feel like I should as it was a debt I'd been forced into and made to lie about to get it.

    i ignored them for months, over 12 months infact and I had heard nothing.. then suddenly last month I saw a notification that a new account bad been added back to my credit report.. it was Barclays again showing the full amount.. and today I've recited a letter from robinson way stating that* they have assessed my account and have established it meets their initial criteria to be considered for legal action.

    They want me to contact them to understand my circumstances* and if I do not within 10 days they will be forced to assess my account for litigation based on information they hold on me and my account may be transferred to Howard Cohen and co solicitors and court action may be taken which would increase the amount owed further.

    They also stated it isnt too late for a payment plan or if I have a valid dispute to contact them before 22nd of feb.*

    I'm stuck in limbo I now have a house and mortgage with my partner I've had for a year and a half and with the police being involved and the situation I was embroiled in I dont feel I am obliged to pay and be chased, it should be the criminal who did this to me that is held responsible.

    I know this is a long account so thankyou if you've read it a and any help offered is appreciated*
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    I know this is a fairly long read I tried to shorten it as much as possible, any help would be appreciated just time seems to be against me

    I'm contacting citizens advice tomorrow also*


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      Morning all

      Update from all of this it was disputed by myself again and I stated I do not accept liability for this debt due to it being investigated by the police and being part of an active investigation for ongoing fraud.

      I sent over my written statement from the police and got a come back stating they had contacted barclays who had replied i had admitted liability and were happy to proceed.

      I even sent the emails from the officer stating he had told them I was not liable and was the victim all of this being ignored

      They have since upped the ante and passed it to Howard and cohen saying I had until October 25th to respond of court proceedings would take place, which I don't have time for with work commitments

      they had previously offered me a 30% discount on said debt and even said this could be done over a payment plan, but when I called to say I do not accept liability but am getting fed up as its affecting my credit score I mentioned the lower offer and their response was it was expired and they would also want it relayed over a shorter period such as 6 months which is ridiculous and never stated anything of this on the original letter.

      Waiting for them to call me back but not sure where I go with this now i just want it sorted



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        have you sent them a copy of this: "I recieved a letter stating that my account had been closed and my balance closing was 0, I was so happy like a relief off my shoulders.*


        • #5
          Hey, thanks for the reply the letter was from Barclays and seems the letter was saying it had been settled because it was purchased by Robinson way/Hoist Finance and in 2018 where they started chasing me for the debt


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            You could try going back perhaps and telling them about this: "they again put it on hold.. weeks later they closed it again coming off my credit record and the account showing as closed..** If Hoist is the same company they should not reopen the debt? This is guesswork and an area in which I have no expertise


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