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Blemain Finance

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    Originally posted by xanadoo View Post
    Lets put Blemain finance topic here and see if anyone else has had the experience?

    I have no personal experience with this mob, but I do believe they play hardball


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      Beware of these b****rs, according to FSA they are not a registered loans company.

      Good Luck
      Borrow money from a pessimist -- they don't expect it back.


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        I have a secured loan with this mob and they are really nasty buggers and do not play fair at all.
        They have been pulled up by the OFT about usinf Rule 78 for early redemptions. They are part owned by Barclays.

        I have been locked in battle with them since March 07. I made a complaint about a sum of money taken from my debit card and not applied to my account. They have asked me to send proof which I have done several times by letter (recorded del) and fax they just say they haven't recieved anything!
        I contacted FISA who have seen my evidence and agree that BF should sort it and they say they have contacted them twice about this but still nothing from BF.
        I contacted TS who said that I should contact National Debt Line about my debt problems!!!!!!! A letter of complaint has gone off to them!

        I very stupidly with held a monthly payment in protest of them not dealing with the complaint and then had problems with julys payment so when that was 7 days late they issued a default notice which I wrote and said will be paid on the 25th 5 days after the date they gave me to comply. Have not heard anything yet.

        On 26th June I sent a SAR they proptly applied the £10 to my account and sent a statement showing payments made with a note saying here is list og charges applied to your account as requested!!! A letter has been sent reminding them of their obligations.

        I have had small loans with them before and suspect that I have been didled along the way.

        I have come across several others with the same sort of problems with these barstewards and it does appear that they think they are above the law.

        Sorry for the rant but they get you like that.


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          forgot to say I have asked them for a copy of their complaints procedure over and over but they still have'nt sent it!!!!!


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            I know Xanadoo is having problems figuring out what she is owed because of their statements but has anybody taken these cowboys to court yet???


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              Did the statement come from a sar or are they the ones the send every now and then?

              The ones I have don't show any charges or a running total.

              Under a sar they should be everything including redemption figures if they comply!

              I don't know of anyone who has taken them to court as of yet but would love to see it done.


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                They were the result of an SAR and are an absolute nightmare to decipher, like you say no charges, no subtotals just loads of figures that don't add up.

                Think we need a tame accountant! anyone??


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                  Then I would write saying that they have not complied because they should include something that allows you to decifer their statements. I have recieved this with most that I have done.

                  Perhaps a complaint to the ICO about it might help because Bf clearly state on their agreements that charges will be added for whatever and state how much for so surely they have to show them on the statements.

                  Maybe TS would be interested because this surely comes under unfair practices.

                  I will have a search around and see exactly what they can be got on.


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                    They dont have a complaints procedure and apparently they dont have to have one either. They are playing games with all their customers and we should band together jointly with our stories and hand them over to watchdog the consumer programme..complain jointly to every 'body' that oversees fuinancial institutions and by collective evidence through everyone having the same story, ..MAKE THEM PAY:slayer:


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                      I realise I am not alone in their actions thanks to this thread and another on a previous forum.My experience was the same as you grimble. I overpaid, they took the money, they never acknowledged it on statements (well their printout) they sent threatening letters eventhough I was in credit and I actually sold up to get rid of them because my life was hell. They even tried to have me re-possessed and laughe ddown the phone at me, it was unreal.....they said cheques sent never came and I think held them to pay in late to accumulate charges, but theyve never actually shown me a clear breakdown of charges and I know they ripped me off at redemption. I mean you cant even calculate, how they calculated their final figure which amounted to me paying them over fifty grand.


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                        They have to provide a clear redemption breakdown within 12 of your written request. It states that on the TS website.

                        If you have incomplete paperwork from a SAR rquest then file a non compliance complaint with the ICO (bf are registered with them) and then file a court claim for it.

                        If they don't comply with mine that's what I will do.

                        I will not let these buggers beat me.


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                          Any updates from anyone?


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                            :rolleyes:Any updates from anyone? got a little default red x on the last quick message so typing again..


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                              Still waiting for my sar to be sent they until 5th Aug. Not heard a dickie from them.


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