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Potential fraud? Unsure what to do.

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  • Potential fraud? Unsure what to do.

    Hey hope I'm posting in the right section, i wasn't entirely sure.

    I'm wondering if i can get a little advice.

    I live in a student house share with 4 other people. there was one other person but they left to go back to their home country.

    A couple of weeks ago i got an email from jd Williams saying "welcome to your new account" i hadn't set up an account with jd Williams so thought nothing of it and deleted it.

    Then, One of my house mates is a bit chaotic and is in a really bad place with money. He basically can afford rent a little food and not much else. The other day i saw he got quite a few parcels, he accepted it and then left it on the table, I glanced at them as i walked by and noticed it was in the name of our old housemate who left.

    i was quite confused, but then he ran in, grabbed them (not knowing that i'd seen) and took them to his room.

    he and the old housemate weren't really friends, the old housemate never really left their room so it's odd that he'd have so many parcels for them in their name.

    usually when others post arrives we just leave it in the hallway.

    I don't want to jump to conclusions, or think the worst, but could it be possible he's opened up lines of credit accounts in her name and has used them to buy things?

    If that is the case, what would the repercussions of that be, I'm assuming eventually the companies will expect payment for these items?
    And will the new housemate be notified (they're not a resident here and have moved back home permanently.

    Now i don't know if the parcels were from JD Williams but when this happened it reminded me of the email i received and so now I'm worried he's used my email, and the old housemates details to order.

    If this is the case, would the company come after the owner of the email, or simply come to the house to look for the items?

    Sorry if this is a jumbled mess, I'm just a little worried about what to do and don't want to accuse anyone of anything without knowing all the facts
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