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Advice needed due to default after VT of car

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  • Advice needed due to default after VT of car

    I sucssfully VT'd my HP car in May. I have a letter stating my balance liability owed t at VT was 0. However, Santander told me I owed them 105 refurbishemnt costs for the car. I had already commenced legal proceedings (County court in November) as the car was not fit for purpose when I purchased it. I informed Santander, the car had fair wear and tear on return and they dropped the amount to 70 (I recorded this call), I told them I had commenced court proceeding, which they was aware of, and they told me the balance would be put on hold until the court decided. I then recieved a letter from a company (DWF) stating I still owed 105, I rang them and told them it was 70 and it was at court. I checked my credit file and they have issued a default for June. I had no notice or warning letters! Does anyone know what I should do or can do to have this removed. The amount was less than half of my normal monthly payments and I lost 6500 on the car!!
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    Re: Advice needed due to default after VT of car

    I an thinking Durkin v DSG retail

    How old was the car when you purchased it??


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      Re: Advice needed due to default after VT of car

      4 years old, the court case is also against the car sales who we bought the car from in addition to Santander who provided the credit. But the default is just a new insult which I don't want to affect my credit rating, I have disputed it with them over the phone and in writing. I have also read that a default can not be issued for charges...the amount is not part of my payments but for alleged refurbishment fees, which I informed then during a call I recorded I was disputing in court in addition to trying to recover some of our losses on the car.
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