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Wrongful Defaults on CRA - BBC WatchDog - Important

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  • Wrongful Defaults on CRA - BBC WatchDog - Important

    Morning All

    Following BBC WatchDog's feature on Credit Reference Agency errors on Wednesday's episode we feelthat the vast majority of CRA issues WE encounter are caused by the Lender entering incorrect and in some cases downright spiteful Defaults against consumer's credit files.

    I am specifically interested in DEFAULTS not CCJ's.

    This is because a default can be entered on your CRA by anyone who takes on an account in arrears, such as a DCA. They do not have to go to Court, yet the damage is exactly the same as a CCJ. 6 Years of Poor credit, higher rates of interest etc. I believe this to be grossly unfair and I am seeing increasing numbers of these cases.

    WatchDog may do a feature on the matter if enough people tell them about their experiences of this situation.:tinysmile_grin_t:

    So if you have been wrongfully defaulted, PLEASE email watchdog@bbc.co.uk

    Many Thanks
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    Re: Wrongful Defaults on CRA - BBC WatchDog - Important



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      Re: Wrongful Defaults on CRA - BBC WatchDog - Important

      Hi Celestine
      did you see my thread I posted earlier today
      can I get my default removed or back dated to the beginning


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        Re: Wrongful Defaults on CRA - BBC WatchDog - Important

        I would love them to look into my case. I have had defaults on my files for the last six years that are not mine.
        Painful trying to get it resolved. still not after all this time


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          Re: Wrongful Defaults on CRA - BBC WatchDog - Important

          Hi Celestine,
          I know is thread is old but I just came across your website and I thought I'd give it a try...
          I am a Lloyds customer with my platinium current account and my business account with them.
          Around year 2000 I applied for a gold credit card and took the insurance with it.
          About a year after, I lost the card and Lloyds Bank Credit card services (Lloyds TSB) reissued the gold credit card for me I expected the insurance to be transferred with it but I was not aware that it was not transferred at this time. A while later during 2001/2002 I did a as is a straight upgrade to Platinum credit card meaning everything that was on the gold card should be on the Platinum card including the insurance.

          When I was made redundant in 2003 I tried to claim for insurance to pay for the payments and they said that I had no insurance. I explained that I had insurance and don't understand why it had been cancelled.
          I kept on explaining this to them every time they contacted me regarding payments but they rejected the case and forcefully took money out of my account as they said I had a Lloyds Current account and that they are entitled to do so. this went on till 17/07/2003 when I got a call from them again. I explained the situation but this time the lady on the phone said that she can see what's happened.

          She said that it seems that when I reported the card lost and they reissued another card they did not transfer the insurance on it. Therefore when I upgraded to Platinum there was no insurance to be transferred to it. She said not to worry that she will sort it and get back to me. She called back within 10-15 minutes and said "sorry she can not do anything for me". I was surprised and said but you just said that its your (Lloyds Bank) fault. She replied that "she cant do anything for me".

          I realised at that point that they knew all along but tried to avoid the situation and never told me exactly what happened until that day. She must have been told to leave the case alone.

          I had tried to explain this to them all these years but no luck and all this time they have been taking money out of my account without my consent more than the minimum monthly payment.

          I had no idea they have defaulted me as I thought they are still taking money out of my account until we applied for the mortgage.

          All this time, I explained that all I wanted is for them to calculate the interest that has been charged whist I was unemployed, deduct it from the total and I will be happy to settle the rest, but this was always ignored.

          I applied for a mortgage last month. Everything was supposed to be fine until I discovered that I had a default on my credit score! It came as a shock especially as this has been going on for all this time! They also sold my debt to a Debt Collector. Because of this, we are now going to lose our dream house as no one would give us a mortgage or not enough money to cover our the mortgage. It is wrecking our lives, our family. The debt’s amount is 4838. The default was put on 20/08/2012 and was sold to the debt collector starting on 01/11/2014.
          What is my chance to either remove or move the date of the default for an earlier date as it was supposed to be and if yes, how long would it take? My wife still hope we could get the house unfortunately…L thank you


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