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Questionable Dates of Default and CCJ

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  • Questionable Dates of Default and CCJ

    Good Afternoon, hope today is a good day for all.

    My first post for a little guidance: apologies for the length and I hope it makes sense!

    Having just checked my credit file (the last time may have been 2013/14)on two different companies I found that I have a CCJ registered the date of which is 13 December 2014 and a default account settled 17 May 2015 but default date 07 August 2016

    The CCJ
    From my understanding this refers to a disputed outstanding balance for a Barclaycard paid of and card cancelled in 2004. The amount outstanding and settlement figure was given by Barclays.

    The following details contact I have had with Barclays since 2004:
    May 2012 I applied for PPI refund on this card on the application I detailed ' the card was paid of in 2004 however I have recently noticed a default on this account from a company that states an outstanding balafon 251.54 has been sold on to them.' Barclays rejected the PPI claim.
    I contact the credit reference agency and disputed the default as the account had been paid of.
    I believe they tried to contact Barclays.

    July 2013 received a letter from Lowell referring to an outstanding debt with Barclays and offering to reduce the debt to 62.95 which I must have ignored.

    January 2016 I received a letter from Barclays stating they will be reviewing my PPI information sent but the claim not to have received via there own portal and suggested I completes do send again! I have now September 2017 completed a new PPI claim via Resolver.

    My concern/question if the CCJ is relating to a 2004 account what if anything do I need to do find out why it was issued 2014 and if there is anything I can do to get the date changed. If Barclays can prove I owe the outstanding amount I will pay this but it is quite concerning that a company can obtain a CCJ against me 10 years after the date and without my knowledge.

    The Default
    This referees to an outstanding balance with Tesco' which I am now in a position to begin to reduce but am concerned as which date stands as default date. The account now appears to be held by Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited? I have no correspondence from these people so wondered if anyone could advise on what lettered I would need to send them to get this information and arrange to pay this debt of.

    Any help and consideration would be welcomed, have a lovely afternoon.

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    Re: Questionable Dates of Default and CCJ

    Good Evening, hope its been a good day��

    Thought I would share an update on this post;

    The CCJ is actually from LLoyds, I had asked them for information back in 2012 as there was a default on my credit report which I disputed via Lloyds and the credit reference agency. The debt had occurred via charges which I received after going overdrawn on an unused account which Lloyds had decided to go into and take payments for a credit card. I requested a list of my transactions Lloyds asked me to prove who I was I sent this information by return and have had no response since.

    So not the Barclaycard debt which I thought it may have been.

    I emailed led the The credit reference agency who replied they are unable to,do anything with out a confirmation from the court. I emailed by return with the dispute reference from 2012, they are now going to,explore this.

    The default: I believe it's for Tesco but not sure so have sent a prove it letter, then a CCA and 1.00. However this evening, I found an envelope which contained a card from Robinson Way detailing they were acting for Hoist and could I contact them about the outstanding debt to arrange payment.


    Have a good night


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