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callcredit investigation for default

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  • callcredit investigation for default

    On 23rd April I notified Callcredit via Noddle that there was a default by a company I did not recognise. Since then I have found it is Raven Recoveries or similar for what I think is an old loan I took out in 2008, defaulted 2010.
    However, callcredit did their investigation and as it took over 28 days, have temporarily removed the default. Is there a time period they can take before I contact them for permanent removal on the basis they seem to be struggling for evidence? Can I ask the other cra to remove this as well due to callcredit doing so? It's been 2 months now (9 weeks yesterday!) their investigation has been going which seems to be taking the Michael a bit.
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    Re: callcredit investigation for default

    Callcredit's investigation will be simply querying the accuracy of the data with the company that is reporting it. They could decide to put it back on at any point if they get a response, so may not be worth poking them with a stick over it at the moment. There is not a time limit in which they HAVE to remove it. Just the original 28 days in which they had to tell you what action they were taking at that point, which they have done by removing it for now.

    You can try the same with the other CRAs that have the default on record, but they may not decide to follow Callcredit's actions by removing it. Unless you can give actual evidence that it is inaccurate then they can exercise their right under s159 of the Consumer Credit Act and notify you that they will not be removing it, and simply refer you to the original creditor.

    Sounds as if this could be a valid debt though, so ultimately if the record is accurate you may not get anywhere long term.

    However, if you don't dispute with the CRAs and the creditor then it will certainly remain....


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      Re: callcredit investigation for default

      If it is the loan I believe it is, AA financial services, then fair enough yes it is a legitimate debt but will go past the 6year threshold January 2016 so no point shaking the tree too much at this stage. No payments made to my knowledge since default.
      It was just when I initially saw it, I didn't recognise it and asked the question. I have had a think and checked financials from the past and I believe it is AA.


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