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Incorrect Default Placed - Urgent Help Required

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  • Incorrect Default Placed - Urgent Help Required

    Hi Guys

    Quick question as i have been going round circles here trying to get this issued resolved.

    I had an OD with Natwest in 2016. I was going through some tough times and depression (long story). It got defaulted and passed on to a debtor (i had no knowledge of this) and long story short its all been paid off and settled as i am now in a better position financially and mental health wise.

    I asked Natwest to provide me with information about the default process and what they sent me as i was not sure if i got any information. All that i got from them was a pre-demand letter in 2016 - March saying that i must pay the OD in full. Nothing else. No other details about defaults and other mandatory information that i have been told they should include. About two months later i got a final-demand letter stating 'we recently issued you with a final demand notice and as they have not been satisfied we have no option but to demand full payment. I have 18 days to pay or else it will be passed to debtors and the default registered with credit agencies.

    I asked Natwest for the default notice they stated they sent me and they claimed they dont have it. They said it either was not sent as they dont have too or they dont keep a copy of it. I suggested why they have a copy of my previous letter and not the default notice and they had no answer other then they dont have to legally send one.

    I have complained after reading various threads on this very forum that they did not follow the right legal procedures to issue the default. Consumer credit act, banking code etc. They all state a notice must be sent out with information relating to the default before a default is issued. This was not the case as no information about the default was on the pre demand letter, only the final demand. I also argued that 18 days is not sufficient enough time and legally you have to give 28 days before reporting to the agencies. They are stalling me and saying they have followed the correct procedures.

    I know they havent based on what i have read on this forum. Can anyone help me on this, its very urgent.
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      Help Please


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        Any advice much appreciated


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