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Utility Company added Default to my Credit Report 4 years ago.

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  • Utility Company added Default to my Credit Report 4 years ago.

    Hi all,

    I am hoping to only write this once and to be as clear as possible.
    In 2015 I was working Abroad as I still do a lot of the time, I can diarise my whereabouts for most of that year with proof via bank statements etc. I had a UK address and all the usual utilities etc. I had been away since early January and on my visits to the UK went to see my kids in Plymouth not to my address in Milton Keynes, the relevance of which is I did not pick up any post from January until May that year. Now when i did get my post there was a water bill stating i had missed my previous payment and they were rolling that in to this new bill the amount 196.60. I paid it straight away and thought that was that. I moved out of the property and settled the account in full in august of that year. After a failed credit application today I signed up to Check My File and find a default on my account for the months May and June 2015 and a US (unresolved) on Jul 2015 stating this was still unresolved. I rang Anglian Water who stated the default was correct but they owed me 17.27 for an overpayment on my last bill. I went through the whole process of saying I was unaware of any default notice and of any issues leading up to a default on my account there are two late payments registered on a different string in my report in March and April and showing Settled in May. the a new string starting in July stating all ok, but the default string is still detailed as unresolved. Anglian state they have done nothing wrong and that they contacted me or attempted to during the period including a text message apparently sent on the 09/02/15 after my first Bill at the back end of January was issued, I still have the same number and i dont delete texts I recieved a text today to confirm their payment of my overpayment and it shows the history of texts to me which was one text in august 2015 asking for payment on my bill. I dont remember any other correspondence or a notice of a default. I think i paid the outstanding 196.60 over the phone - would they still have those recordings ? Do i Have a case to have this removed, what is the legality of putting a default on my account when i dont have a Credit agreement with them as they are a service provider not a lender? Anything I've missed ? thanks in advance for any helpful responses.
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    Hi, Did anybody help you on this? In the same situation. Any help needed.


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