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CCA issue with PRA

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  • #16
    How accurate is the reconstituted one?

    & have they supplied all the T&Cs (inc any variations over the 'life' of the alleged agreement?

    Btw, I agree with Amethyst re the blurry 'agreement' ......looks like just an application for a loan to me.

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    • #17
      Well All About Debt think...

      “The agreement & terms are both illegible and questionable as to whether those terms do indeed accompany that agreement.

      I can’t read them. Put it that way.

      AAD Consumer Forum”

      I emailed them all of the paperwork i’d been sent. That said they also advised...

      “When did you stop paying? The thing is if it’s off your credit file now then why not just make small repayments or settle it.

      They find out you own a home they’ll try court. It’s PRA. They’re pure bastards.

      Hard call to make; pay it monthly, make an offer or do nothing but if they threaten - then pay the bugger off and be done with it.”

      I made the offer with no success...


      • #18
        PRA have been back in touch asking how I wish to proceed. They have said they still believe the debt to be enforcable, despite what I have been advised, and I either pay it or go to court....

        I have said that for the time being i’d stick with the advice I’ve got, about the debt being unenforcable, and take it to court.

        I have the money available to settle, tho it would wipe a chunk of my house deposit out, was hoping to look to buy in the next month or so too


        • #19
          They haven't taken court action as yet have they ?

          The agreement is an agreement.... ( and an application form)

          2019-04-05 16_40_06-Start.png

          I don't think we've seen the terms or the recon so no way to know if it's enforceable or not, but the debt is what, £1600 ? not worth risking not being able to buy your house over - pretty sure you could make a 'meet in the middle' offer ( between your 30% and their 95% ... so say 65% ? )

          You are risking it going to court action and having additional stress and costs added ( which would add likely £155/£200 on - £105 court fee plus sols fee from when they issue ) - and buying a house seems to be your priority at the moment. If you didn't settle, let it go to court and then your defence fall away you are risking having to pay the full amount plus costs in one go, maybe in 4/5 months time once the claim gets through issue/defence/mediation etc.

          It is entirely up to you if you want to fight them or try settle to get it out of your hair. You know how genuine the claim actually is as you know if you did take out the card and use it and leave a debt owing ( presumably yes as you've been paying through payplan/stepchange ) so depends how much you feel your don't want to pay it vs how much you want the house purchase ( maybe a couple months delayed as you've used a bit of the saved deposit - but better than 6 years delayed cause your credit file has a CCJ on it )

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          • #20
            Can I ask what a reconstituted CCA needs to have please?

            I have one from Argos which looks like a typed letter. It doesn’t have any date or credit limit.

            Another one from Barclaycard, which has an incorrect address and just a photocopy of the terms and conditions and no cca.

            Thank you for your help.


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