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Chasing payment after 7 years

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  • Chasing payment after 7 years

    Little odd this one
    7yrs ago we brought two identical tvs from a catalog
    1 tv was replaced due to faults on 2 occasions.
    We noted we were only being invoiced for the one tv and as you do let it slide. So basically we only paid for one tv.
    So 7yrs later they’ve realised their mistake and have asked for the money for the second tv.
    Were do we stand legally if we refuse to pay
    many thanks
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    After 6 years they can no longer claim for the debt under the statute of limitation. Write to them pointing out the statue of limitations and you have no responsibility for this debt. They can continue to ask

    (5 years in Scotland)


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      Thank you for the information Ostell


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        Say nothing to revive or acknowledge the debt.


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          I would say nothing as the Limitations act is complex. The 6 years starts from the cause of action and when that starts is debatable - you say you bought it from a catalogue so I am assuming there was credit involved.

          Not sure how much the TV is worth but say nothing for now and see what happens next.


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            Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me out as I'm unsure what to do next.
            I owed money to jd Williams and ended up with a ccj which was removed just recently. I was paying back £50 a month to lowell solicitors I think it was. They contacted me when the ccj was being removed and said they were cancelling and forwarding on the rest of my debt to lowell finance (It could be vice versa) now I'm being bombarded with emails, texts and demanding for the £280 left of the payment. Is there anything I can do? The ccj has done its 6 years so it's gone from my file. Can I be taken to court again for this same debt? And can another ccj be enforced for the same debt?


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              I think you will find they will return to court to obtain permission to enforce the CCJ by way of CEO.


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