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Credit Debt - mum using my name

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  • Credit Debt - mum using my name

    Any response would be appreciated.

    Recently, I have received a CCJ from Lowells Solicitors saying that I owe money for a catalogue at JD Williams. I have no knowledge of this and have never had an account with them.

    I have had contact with Lowells who placed the account under investigation and followed up with contacting JD Williams who after a few days of conversation accepted it was not my account and over the phone accepted it was fraud.

    The account was opened up at my Mumís address with her email. I have never lived at that address and only had my post going there as Iím currently a student but have always lived at my nans. All my documentation has been registered at my mumís for multiple years as I never got around to changing it until this year due to workload of being a student.

    That account is still under investigation by Lowells Solicitors even though JD Williams accepted it as fraud.

    Today I have received two other letters from Lowells Financial LTD about accounts with Very and Littlewoods which I also have no knowledge of, this letter was headed with Ďpre-legal assessmentí. After contacting them they have placed the account under investigation.

    I believe my mum opened the accounts in my name due to my good credit history previously which JD Williams accepted and passed that on to Lowells Solicitors from the first case.

    This is killing me as Iím supposed to move away towards the end of the year for study abroad but now Iím at my wits end as I have no knowledge of this as I had never been given any letters so I believe my mum hid them from me.

    Does anyone have any advice? I have a solicitor but I really need this sorted out swiftly as I have so much to sort out before I move away.

    Any advice would be thoroughly appreciated.

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