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Do you know?

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  • Do you know?

    There are 104 days until Christmas!

    I am sorry for reminding you, but times are hard and you need to make a start.
    Any money or time saving suggestions very welcome Enaid x

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    Re: Do you know?

    I bought the lads main xmas present last month and when i get paid on monday i will be buying my daughters.

    Then its just little bits to add, which we pick up throughout the year , ie. if we something on sale we get it and put it away etc.


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      Re: Do you know?

      Bit late to tell us Di I started at the beginning of the year

      I bought all my cards and wrapping paper in the sales in January and have started to write them out ready for posting.

      I start making my Christmas Cakes and Puddings that I give away to friends and neighbours at the beginning of October, got most of the ingredients on buy one get one frees during the year, as long as they are in date and kept in a cool place they are fine.

      We've also got a few pressies as well during the year, but most of ours want vouchers nowadays to spend after Christmas in the sales, so we have been buying them through the year as well.

      Don't you just hate me :kiss:


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        Re: Do you know?

        Originally posted by sapphire View Post
        Don't you just hate me :kiss:
        Well,, you will support Chelsea...lol


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          Re: Do you know?


          Brilliant - well done you

          The only thing I do is save all my tesco vouchers and use those.

          Last year we had a family trip to see Billy elliott and also an Airkix day for my daughter and a zoo trip for my son.

          This year I will only buy one present each for them.

          My colleague at work is having a no presents policy and just having everyone round for food as she found it all so stressful last year.
          "What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well." - Antione de Saint Exupery

          "Always reach for the moon, if you miss you'll end up among the stars"


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            Re: Do you know?

            Gosh ! you are all so well prepared!!! I normally leave my shopping til the last minute! deffo not a good idea if you gotta lotta people to buy for lol..

            ... I will definitely be starting early this year !

            Thanxs Enaid !!!

            Bf xx

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