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Can our bank charge us for solicitor's fees?

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  • Can our bank charge us for solicitor's fees?

    I hope someone can point in the right direction. Husband had buy to let mortgage and is a landlord for the property. The property is now regarded as unsafe and going to be demolished. He told the bank. Not defaulted on one payment. He received a letter from a solicitor advising he had been asked by the bank to get in touch with him to discuss situation. Husband tried to get in touch but no answer so left message on answerphone. The bank has now sent letter stating "A charge has been added to account" to the amount of 1,152 due to "the recent litigation activity on your account has resulted in a solicitors charge" (of said amount). There is no breakdown for this. There has been no dispute - just an open letter advising the bank of the situation. Now terrified to contact the solicitor in case they whack more charges for what, no idea!

    Can they just do this? I'm thinking a recorded delivery telling them we have not defaulted on any monies requested etc. Any advice gratefully received.

    Edit - also as a PS - the amount owing is 80 thousand - which is the full amount - interest only - that was borrowed. on a 25 year mortgage going for 12 years. Is there any point in trying to negotiate paying off the loan in terms of the amount - negotiating it down and the time frame? I don't want to pay it off in one go and preferably pay much less over a period of time. However, based on that letter, it doesn't look possible!
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