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Bank losing Spanish bankers drafts

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  • Bank losing Spanish bankers drafts

    Hello I currently have a case going through the Financial Ombudsman relating to my bank losing a very large Spanish Bankers draft I deposited. The case is currently progressing but my question is not really in their remit.

    The circumstances of the loss are very irregular, almost suspicious. They then somehow damaged the photocopy of the draft they had ensuring they could not process it. Meaning I have no choice but to try and get a replacement draft. This as predicted is proving very difficult

    They were constantly changing their version of events and even came out with statements which have turned out to be totally false, dishonest. I thought all of this was bad enough but it was let slip that this has actually happened before. They seem to have lost Spanish bankers drafts and not processed copies (which every branch takes when receiving a foreign cheque) previously. Each time they force the customer into getting a replacement.

    So my question is this. If they are purposely losing/destroying customers Spanish bankers drafts for whatever reason is this a criminal offence. If so would it be vandalism, some sort of theft. Obviously they are not destroying the money itself but the key to it. From what I have researched so far the draft has value and is not just a piece of paper. It is a "thing in action" a valuable security. In destroying the draft they have ensured that I cannot get the money owed to me by the Issuing bank for the time being. But they have also permanently deprived me of the draft form itself.
    I realise this could be a bit specialist but any comments would be welcome.
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    This came up on an old google alert of mine.What bank are you regerring to ?
    lloyds lost a foreign check of mine a while back. It was 5 figure rather than 6. They said i had to get a replacement. They did not say they took a photocopy. If they did but rather than process it forced me into getting a replacement then something is wrong. It took a lot of time and effort getting it replaced.


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