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Payment arragement

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  • Payment arragement

    Had a letter from NatWest Business which is a bit concerning. Went to court in March 2015 over the bank loan I owed NatWest from my failed business. I offered and paid £4,000 there and then and set out I could pay £500 for 10 months and then £700 until the debt is cleared - about £35,000. Up until May we have kept up the agreement, haven't missed a payment and we believe we are on the last 10 months until it is cleared, though Natwest haven't sent a statement through to show what we have done for some time. Then we get a letter saying the payment arrangement has expired - the Court specifically said it was until it was cleared, and we have 14 days to pay or ring them up. I have a letter from last April asking us to change the standing order so the money is going to the right place which we did. The author of the letter said they had to review the arrangement on a yearly basis but "we are looking to continue with the arrangement". As I have said we have not missed a payment and have completed the Financial Review form we got with this last letter which shows that we can pay the £700 back but no more. I have no problem with a financial review, but the letter is threatening solicitors and debt collectors which has frightened my wife and as I have had depressive episodes before in my life, has set me back a bit. I have written a latter but remembered this site which helped me out a few years back. They are still taking the money, we are clearing the debt, they cannot suddenly ask for their money if the arrangement from the Court is in place?
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    They can't vary a repayment schedule set by the court without either your agreement or an order from the court.

    I was in a similar position once, the debt (Lloyds) was sold on and the purchaser thought he could increase the payments.
    A short letter telling them to go forth and multiply, and a threat from me that I would commence proceedings for harassment if they continued put a stop to it.
    Don't know if that was correct way of dealing with it (it was sometime ago before I found LB) but it worked!


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      Thank you for that. I was a bit surprised by this letter, especially when there was no previous letter saying there was a review and can we have a financial statement to verify which would of been OK. I am sending a letter today, going to see CAB on Wednesday my day off before I ring them to tell the what I think. Paid diligently for 3 years and 2 months and there are about 10 months to go. What is wrong with these people? A court order is a court order and I am following it to the letter.


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        I wouldn't advise ringing them.
        It will be a waste of time, and only get you riled.
        Keep everything in writing, and keep a copy.


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