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Hsbc PPI

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  • Hsbc PPI

    Hi all.

    has anyone had any similar experiences.

    I've been claiming PPI back from hsbc since last year.

    At the end on January this year they came back with an offer. I signed the acceptance letter and waited patiently. I was patient till they started messing around.

    I sent the acceptance letter off on the 9th of February. It was confirmed they received it on the 12th of February.

    I called them for an update.

    I called the number I was given by the 3rd party. The 3rd party had also told me hsbc usually pay out on the 10th day or the 14th. They never said anything about 28 days until a few weeks ago.

    The chap i spoke to made no sense whatsoever From the start of the call he tried to confuse me or so I was thinking. He asked me for the 4th and 3rd character of my telephone banking pin no. Once I'd figured out what he was on about and we got through with no hitches he started to tell me it will be 6-8 weeks for payment. So naturally I asked why, he said it was because I set up a new claim. Again I'd explained this wasn' a new claim as I'd sent off the acceptance letter and I'd Been offered a large sum of money. He was adamant that it was 6-8 weeks. After he did some digging on his computer he then found my acceptance letter and said it had been recieved on the 17th of February and only been scanned in on the 3rd of March. I asked how a letter that they had received on the 17th of Feb only got looked at on the 3rd of March? He said it was put to the bottom of the pile.

    rang the same number the next day. The lady I spoke to wasn' really that well knowledged with ppi and had to pop me on hold. When she came back she told me the letter had been recieved on the 12th of feb and it was processed pretty much straight away and payment will be Monday the 12th of March. So this morning I wake up checked my bank. Nothing. Feeling quite frustrated I called them. This time I was told a different story. I was told this time I had to go into branch with some id in order for the funds to be released.

    has anyone had to do that? And how long did you have to wait for your funds?
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    I'm being messed around with HSBC over ppi refund, in December 2019 I took my I'd to a local branch ,as I was required to do this, 28 days later I decided to give them a ring in order to find out what was happening, the woman I spoke to told me that the refund had been released into my account 3 days prior to the phone call, I replied that I had not received it, she asked for my account details,so I gave them,then she told me one digit didn't match,then she said I will receive payment within one week of that conversation, and I'm still waiting, it's been 3weeks now


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