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Win!! Won!! Myself V's PRA Group Me (1) PRA (none)

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  • Win!! Won!! Myself V's PRA Group Me (1) PRA (none)

    This week I/we can happily announce that (collectively) 13000 (Thirteen Thousand Pound) will not be going to PRA Group!!

    Long story short as many of us do we find ourselves in financial difficulties..

    Well I ended up with a court summons and attempted to defend myself with info from the net.
    I got it wrong...
    I ended up having the default set against me.

    I applied for it to be set aside at a cost of 250 luckily it was transferred to my local court however it came on a Saturday and I was due in court Tuesday!!

    What am supposed to do?
    What am I supposed to say?
    What is my real law abiding defence?
    Me V's some smart, clever solicitor?

    Well what they didn't know is
    1. I had a guardian angel
    [MENTION=87380]Diana M[/MENTION]
    2.She is friends with a even smarter and very clever Jo

    We attended court without my presence needed and wiped the floor with their legally appointed representative from PRA Poop.

    The judgement was set aside and PRA were thrown out of court for not getting it wrong and attempting to tell little porkie pies.

    That's it they can never take me to court again (Ever)!

    They can never enforce the debt apart from attempting to bury me under countless letters of give us your cash or else!

    Or else what??

    Even if we went for round two they would loose because themselves and MBNA still got it wrong with due process.

    Well thanks for listening I do hope that you find away though any financial difficulties but please make sure you get it right first time.

    The court proceedings as intimidating as they are don't have to be with the right people behind you,this site is amazing with many people with masses of experience and advice and thank you for being here.

    But the stars of this story are [MENTION=87380]Diana M[/MENTION] and Jo from http://www.joannaconnollysolicitors.co.uk
    Thank you so so much and allowing myself and family to get things back on track to move forward with our lives x
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    Re: Win!! Won!! Myself V's PRA Group Me (1) PRA (none)

    Brilliant news -fantastic and what a star Diana is!

    An optimist is someone who falls off the Empire State Building, and after 50 floors says, 'So far so good'!
    ~ Anonymous


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      Re: Win!! Won!! Myself V's PRA Group Me (1) PRA (none)

      Fabulous news xxx Thank you so much for reporting how everything went- Well done Di & Jo

      Any support I provide is offered without liability, if you are unsure please seek professional legal guidance.

      Received a Court Claim? Read >>>>> First Steps


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        Re: Win!! Won!! Myself V's PRA Group Me (1) PRA (none)

        Great news, & well done Di & Jo.

        The big bad PRA wolves failed to blow Littlepig's house down.
        (You couldn't make it up!)

        This is only my opinion - "Opinions are made to be changed --or how is truth to be got at?" (Byron)

        You and I do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.
        Cohen, Herb

        There is danger when a man throws his tongue into high gear before he
        gets his brain a-going.
        Phelps, C. C.

        "They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance!"
        The last words of John Sedgwick


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          Re: Win!! Won!! Myself V's PRA Group Me (1) PRA (none)

          The history of your claim (or should I say two claims ) is here on your other thread >


          We hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas



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            Re: Win!! Won!! Myself V's PRA Group Me (1) PRA (none)

            Precisely this little pig had two big sisters with bigger teeth than the big bad wolf (puppy) from the PRA Group!
            I hope my luck and help will spread to others...

            Please don't throw your letters away or hide them in a drawer anymore,we have all landed on this site because we are all in the same boat HMS LEGAL BEAGLE
            We have all found ourselves in a financial predicament either currently or in the past.

            Don't be ashamed or embarrassed because of this but ask for help!

            Don't let it go as far as court!

            The site was created (and thanks to the creators and admins) for being there.

            Send off for your CCA
            (Credit Card Agreements)
            Send off for your SAR
            (Subject Access Request)

            Let's find out if these companies can back up their claims you owe them money?

            And then ASK on here for help!

            If uploading information delete all personal references including account numbers and let the good times roll

            "It could be you"

            That's heading towards financial debt freedom.

            If it wasn't for this site and [MENTION=87380]Diana M[/MENTION]
            this could have been so very different.

            Good luck to you all and many many thanks for being here x
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