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Bankruptcy / Trustee issues

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  • Bankruptcy / Trustee issues

    Hi there,

    I urgently need some advice or a professional whom i can talk too.

    Between 2013 and 2015 i was experiencing major family issues, my ex wife came out as an alcoholic and our marriage was breaking down, we divorced in 2014, but there were still issues with this relationship - that being we were still seeing each other and this made matters worse. I had to leave work with stress as my ex was stopping me from seeing my two children, i was on drugs (from a doctor and not) and also drinking, gambling and diagnosed with mental health issues, a mental breakdown in short - all of this is recorded. Hence why i thought "bugger it" I've lost everything, why not go bankrupt !!

    "And the court, being satisfied that the EC Regulation does apply and that these proceedings are Main proceedings as defined in Article 3 of the regulation" This was from a debt which originated in Dubai and the order was made in 2015 August. I found out about the proceedings in May of the same year.
    At this time (August 2015) Durkan Cahill were appointed as trustee once everything went through, over a year had passed (once i was out of my insolvency period) when they started asking me questions about my accounts, on one occasion (i have all these on record) an employee for this firm sent me a questions, once i replied the Owner of the company Mr Durkan accidentally pressed "reply all" on the email in question and told his employee "i don't believe him, he lying". I did have many emails relating to this which i still have, my point being that as the owner of this company he is now adding pressure on his employee to "come get me".

    Forward to today and the main worry for my post.
    This firm has now started sending my family letters asking for money to be returned. The first person is my mother, the second is my Nan and there are a few others who have featured on my bank accounts. All of the people they are contacting, are from transactions before May 2015, before i even knew i was going to be made bankrupt. They are saying i made preferential payments instead of paying off my debts - although most of these transactions occurred about 12 to 15 months before i even had a letter informing me of this bankruptcy occurring, i didn't even know i was in trouble during this time.

    I did say things on record that some of the money they are searching for was loaned to me or the payments from my accounts were in fact repaying loans I've had from family and friends - in these interviews i was under the influence and not in a good state of mind as these were at the time i was suffering at my worst.
    To make matters worse i was contacted by another solicitor three weeks ago, acting for the same bank in Dubai whom the order was made for, asking me to repay the amount or go bankrupt !! so the debt is still 100% active and the same bank is trying to push this again, of course i told the trustee and I've not heard anything since.

    How do i get these vultures go away ? can i offer to pay them ? i have not been sent anything myself, all requests are to family members or old close friends.
    This is causing a lot of trouble and worry for me as currently. i am now working, in a great relationship and its been 33 months since the court made the order - how long will this go on for ??
    What power do the trustee have as they are not sending over any evidence of the suns they claim, more so relying on what i said at the time (2015) and i was off this planet during any interviews.

    I really don't know where or who to turn too for help in this matter - it is stressing me out.
    I am happy to pay for legal advise, but currently it is only my family who are being chased - can i own up and take this on the chin ???
    I want to move on in my life and i am scared they will come after me again, can the trustee take assets or money off me, obtained after my bankruptcy period ended.
    They did make me sign a form which they say means i can be checked against for 5 years, a BRO ??? again i cant remember as i was not in the right frame of mind due to mental health issues.


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