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Money Claim not paid

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  • Money Claim not paid

    I have a claim against a large German sports retailer's UK operation who operated in an arrogant manner disregarding a consumer issue and leaving me out of pocket.
    A money claim has been granted but said retailer has ignored all correspondence. Now they potentially have a default county court judgement against them and have still not paid up.
    No one has yet examined the evidence I have provided. Does the fact that the judgement has defaulted mean that they are now liable irrespective of any other circumstances?.
    Am I right that my next step could be invoking a bailiff via form N323?
    If so the form is badly designed with top right box stating I need to add in my response to "In the____________" with no clues as to what to input. I guess it would be "court of stockport" or something similar. Is this correct?
    Also "Fee account number_______________" required, with similar lack of explanation. Seems the form is designed for corporate rather than personal use.
    Can anyone please advise on this?
    Many thanks in advance.

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    Could you contact a High Court enforcement firm and see if it would be eligable to go to the High Court? Their baliffs have stronger rights than usual county court ones. If you contact one of these companies they will tell you if it is possible and advise costs. Sorry I can't help with what seems to be a very confusing form!


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      You contact the High court enforcers if the judgment is over 600. And as it's a business they have the right to enter.


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        Thanks both. The sum is only 300. However as the company made a profit of 751 million last year they should have funds available. Would I get my costs back if employing bailiffs?


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          The enforcement officers (bailiffs) add their costs on to the bill. Before you employ them send a letter to defendant requiring payment within, say, 14 days otherwise you will,seek enforcement without any further notice with the additional costs being payable by them


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            An update on this - high court cannot progress this. Even with fees to add on. As the base claim is <GBP 600 It is strictly CCJ. My challenge is to check that form N323 is still the correct route......


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              Just to claify, what do you mean by:

              Originally posted by paulie70 View Post
              ...Now they potentially [my emphasis] have a default county court judgement against them and have still not paid up.

              Have you got a default judgement or not?


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                Have you solved the problem? It seems to me that you need to consult about form N323. If you need a form for an individual, then try to find it on the official websites. Don't give up because the other side is counting on it. If you need money, then the best money making apps can help you until the retailer returns the money to you. This is a great way to fix a personal financial crisis. This is how I was able to pay off my loan. I wish you good luck and patience. I hope justice will prevail.
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