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bailiffs sold my car while the TEC sent my N244 to the LC Court

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  • bailiffs sold my car while the TEC sent my N244 to the LC Court

    Hello everyone,

    I hope someone can help me get some sort of clarification and advise as to how to proceed next.

    I will try and keep this brief.

    I had moved out of the previous address and moved abroad in the car. While I was abroad it seems all correspondence from TFL and Bailiffs were sent to the previous address, because the vehicle remained registered to the old address.

    My previous address was in the Congestion Charge Zone, despite holding a Residentís Discount I have been charged a full amount for crossing CC zone. At the end of the months due to the TFL's system glitch the payment was not been processed via previously registered payment method (direct debit), and consequently, the TFL issued PCNs for non-payment of appropriate charge.

    As a result, when I came back to the UK and rented accommodation at my current address, I have notified DVLA. However, my car been seized by a bailiff and towed away without giving any notification. I become aware after reporting to the police. The vehicle contained exempt trading tools. Notably, a new logbook arrived after 3 months when the car was towed away.

    I have gone through the Statutory Declaration Out of Time process and have been granted permission to file my Stat Decs Out of Time by the Local County Court. However, some of the N244 Applications were refused.

    Despite the fact that most of the PCN were reissued to the current address, where I had a chance to challenge them, the bailiffs demanded to pay an initial debt including the paid penalties and the storage fees for all time while the car was stored at the car pound.

    I was waiting for the hearing of my last N244 application at the Local County Court when I had a call from the person who had bought my car and was asking whether I can sell the car keys. Also, they stated the car boot was empty, neither construction tools nor personal belongings were contained in the car.

    Please let me know what our next step is in this process.
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    I'm not an expert by any means, but if your vehicle was insured either for work purposes or for travelling to and from your place of work, it cannot be levied or taken away.

    You might be able to sue the bailiffs under The Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977, and get damages.


    This definitely USED to be the law, as I paid an extra tenner to my insurance company to add 'to and from place of work' (much cheaper than using it FOR work) to make sure it could never be towed.

    As I say, the law may well have changed, but this might be a good starting point for you to research.

    Also: https://www.nationalbailiffadvice.uk...ecover-It.html

    Yes, I read that they sold it, but if a tort was committed, you can obtain redress, and maybe under one of the headings in the article above.



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      Hello Max,
      thanks for providing the link. I will definitely check it. also I have left my message to BailifffAdvice.
      Best Regards,


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        Originally posted by HARTGE3 View Post
        Hello Max,
        thanks for providing the link. I will definitely check it. also I have left my message to BailifffAdvice.
        Best Regards,
        Hi.¬* What date did you move out of your old address (the address that the congestion charges were registered to) Did you move straight abroad? What date did you return to the UK?


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