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Rossendales council tax debt

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  • Rossendales council tax debt

    hi I am after some advice as to what I can do about two separate council debts I owe these are from the last couple of years when me and my partner both lost our a jobs and really didnít get any help with benefits so these debts mounted up now Rossendales are on the case we did set up a payment plan which was a lot of money to pay each week but we carried on until recently we have missed to payments as my partner had given birth but they was both in hospital for three weeks and I had to take time of work too look after the other kids and me getting paternity pay for the two weeks but the third week I was off was unpaid so we really couldnít afford it with all the other bills but they donít want to know they have sent a final letter of recovery and will not stop coming round I work away Monday to Friday so my partner is at home with two young kids and a newborn who is scared and at her wits end what makes it worse is theyíve been told about the baby but still bang on the door unsettling her and we only have my wage coming in so things are very difficult at the moment if any one can help with advice it will be appreciated. Thanks
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    How much are the Liability Orders, when were they granted? Do you know how much you have paid off them so far? How much is still outstanding? Do you know how much Rossendales have charged for fees so far? Has the Bailiff been allowed access to your home or otherwise Taken Control of Goods? How old is the baby?


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      Hi thanks for getting back to me I have contacted the council for the information still waiting to hear back I think we owed around £1900 but after yesterdayís visit it has gone to £2100 Iíve paid off around £300 before I missed them payments the baby is 4 weeks old. Thank you


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        Sorry and no they havenít taken control of goods


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          Firstly so you are aware - Council Tax is classed as a priority debt meaning it should be paid ahead of some others like storecards, credit cards etc who can all be reduced to minimum or token payments. In this day & age you may have a Sky Subscription which should be lowered to the minimum level avaiable meaning Sports & Films should be chopped. If you haven't already then I would suggest you make yourself an I&E list up to see where savings may be made.

          Now we've got that out of the way how did you arrange the payment proposal you had and who agreed the payments or did Rossendales insist it had to be £XX per week/month. Did you sign any agreement to this? Minimum payments should be approx £5 per week. Has anyone suggested an Attachment of Earnings Order? Do you own your own home or rent?

          You say you have told them about your latest addition to the family - is this just verbal to the attending officer or have you written to Rossendales providing proof?


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            We have no sky or anything like that only got broadband and phone contracts my partner rang them up and offered a price to pay but they rejected it they demanded we pay £75 a week which really was a struggle we rent our home and the bailiff saw we had a newborn outside of the house nothing as been put in writing


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              I would suggest tomorrow you contact your local Councillor(s) and ask they intervene on your behalf, if they refuse or are reluctant then go to the Leader of the Council & his/her opposite number. www.writetothem.com

              Tell them you are saddled with a payment you can no longer afford - explain why - and make sure they understand it is the Bailiff that has demanded the amount being sought. Also tell them about your new born and that temporarily your partner should be treated as vulnerable whilst you are away during the week.

              I have lots to do over the next 24/48 hours but will pop back when I can.


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                Hi thanks for all your help I managed to speak to someone more than reasonable at the council who have sorted this out for me and offered a payment I can easily afford. My next question is bailiff fees. The bailiffs have been round twice with a final notice of intention to remove goods and the second visit the debt has risen by £600 is this a normal amount or can I do something about this. Thanks again


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                  I can see what they are trying to do and would suggest you either ask them for a breakdown of their fees or send them a Subject Access Request which is free these days. Then let us see what they say.

                  I'm pleased the Council have offered a resolution that is suitable. have they suggested you pay direct or via Rossendales?


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                    Do as Ploddertom says, the fees should be no more than £75.00 per Liability Order and £235,00 enforcement fee, They can't charge any more fees UNLESS you did enter into a Controlled Goods Agreement which means they could charge a possible £335.00, which is a further £235.00 Enforcement fee and £110.00 Removal fee, even if removal did not happen. Most EA Company don't do it, but Rossendale and Marstons do.
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