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MCOL (Moneyclaimonline) User Guide for Claimants

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  • MCOL (Moneyclaimonline) User Guide for Claimants

    What is Money Claim Online (MCOL)?

    Money Claim Online (MCOL) is an internet service which enables a claimant to:

    • issue a county court claim for a fixed sum of money online
    • check the status of the claim
    • where appropriate, request entry of judgment
    • where appropriate, request enforcement of that judgment by issuing a warrant of execution

    This leaflet provides information on how to issue a claim using MCOL, whether your claim is suitable for MCOL, and what may happen after you have issued a claim.

    Why should I read this information?

    MCOL is designed to be a relatively simple way to issue a county court claim for a fixed amount of money. However, errors made can be costly to you both in time and money and may affect the outcome of your claim. This guidance should help you to:

    • ensure that the claim you issue is suitable for MCOL
    • understand your role and responsibilities during the claim process
    • understand the role of the court in the claim process

    File attached in WORD and PDF format.
    Attached Files

    Any support I provide is offered without liability, if you are unsure please seek professional legal guidance.

    Received a Court Claim? Read >>>>> First Steps
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  • #2
    Anybody have any help or advice please on Court Claims?

    Is there some sort of confusion for claims over £10,000?

    I have read that you can make a claim up to &200,000 now but everywhere I ask they say it’s only up to £10,000.

    If you apply for court fee help do you have to pay in advance, then be reimbursed later or?


    • #3
      No confusion. Above £10,000 it will not normally be assigned to the small claims track.

      You pay the fee when you submit the claim


      • #4
        It is carried out online unless it goes over £100,000, then paperwork has to be filled out.

        So the £5,000 got to be paid upfront,


        • #5
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