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TV damaged by Courier

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  • TV damaged by Courier

    So I needed to move my things from Suffolk UK to Edinburgh including various boxes, Furniture and my TV. I posted an ad on Shiply looking for a resonable price in order to do so and came across an offer from "simply_the_best". We discusded back and forth over the total amount that needed to be picked up and finally settled on a price of 253.

    This was then passed on to proovia couriers who sent the bill and it was paid, in the pricess accepting the terms and conditions that was stating 10k of goods insured for 250 excess

    I had to leave off to Edinburgh before pickup, my dad offered to be there to ensure it all went smoothly. Before i left i wrapped my tv in a felt blanket for the trip and i was on my way.
    The pickup occurred on the 28th septemeber, suppisedly all went smoothly. The drivers told my dad they had to pickup wverything and it wasnt allowed that he put stuff on the truck himself; odd, but fair enough. And then it left.

    On the 4th October, it arrived to me in Edinburgh. Some boxes had spilled, but i thought nothing of it, as that could have been hurried packing on my behalf, all was unloaded, i signed it was received and they left.

    I set up my tv, switched it on, and the screen was broken (I'll attach the photo i took immediately) and i straight away messaged through shiply, who passed it on to the claims department.

    I sent the photo of the damage and explained that i had messaged soon as i found it, as they asked had i told the drivers abd they said theyd need to talk with the drivers first.
    The next day i wake up to an email about how they spoke to the drivers, but since they didnt plug in and test the tv before pickup, there's no guarantee i didn't send it in thos condition in the first place.

    It was then I realised, the blanket i put over it was gone. So i emailed and asked why it was removed

    The reply i got today was they decided to remove it because it wasn't attached to the tv, and that they can happily post it back to me if i want it as they forgot to give it back

    Do i have any claim for my TV? They seem to want to brush their hands clean of any responsibility for it, despite if it was dependant on them checking its working order, surely that falls upon them for forgetting to do so?

    Thank you for any advice or anything anyone can give, if nothing else its cathartic to write down my frustrations
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