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Frustration with B M F

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  • Frustration with B M F

    Hi my name is Roy McInnes , I got a Range Rover evouque via a car dealership that Blue motor Finance deal with , after a frustrating time dealing with an inept car dealership. The time came for my car to be delivered by the dealership which in turn cost me £120 for it to be delivered . I serviced my Mercedes and got a full Mot on as that was what he asked for.
    After a few weeks I noticed the service light had come on Which I found strange as it was supposed to have been serviced. I contacted BMF and they contacted the dealer who stated just go on google and you can find how to turn it off. I went on line and found out that the car had not been serviced and they had lied not only that the glow plug in the engine was broken. After weeks of complaining it was fixed and BMF paid for it . After a while the car developed its on way of turning the lights on when it was switched off, stopping the indicators working and also developing a leek from the windscreen that has got progressively worse over time . I might add that the electrical problem was intermittent BMF was again called well within the 6 month warranty time , after many many calls made by myself they sent out an independent inspector who stated the car needed to go to Range Rover for inspection. Bmf apparently didnít have knowledge of this ,they then took it upon there self to close the case . I would like to add that the electrics and windscreen were checked by an independent garage and a report given that the bonding in the windscreen was perished and the electrics were faulty this report cost me 30 pounds of which I paid for along with a new battery, since this episode the car went in for its Mot and failed ( yes electrics ) it then went back in later that day when the electrics were playing and passed ( proving an electronic problem was precent) all paperwork copied and sent to BMF .
    They again opened the case and have since dragged there heals over everything, I have talked to a manager with no interest,and then had to open a case with the ombudsman who contacted BMF today the car was meant to be picked up and after a lot of calls by me a curtesy car dropped off . But yet again they have cancelled it till next week, in all I am fed up with all of this a simple fix has now entered 8 months of waiting please help as Iím worried that when this car is finally fixed it is still a lemon and will I be able to get compensation via a court .
    Ps this is only the tip of the iceberg regarding BMF promises and then letting people down .

    Regards Roy Mcinnes
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    do not post your name put xxxx xxxxx also split into paragraphs makes easy reading and gets attention!


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      Frustrating for you

      To enable us more properly assess the situation could you please advise price paid, age of vehicle and mileage when delivered.
      Also a time line of when delivered, when faults noted and trader notified

      What was the ombudsman's ruling?


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