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Eviction from Allotment- need help ASAP

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  • Eviction from Allotment- need help ASAP

    Hi all! I am hoping someone can help me. I currently rent an allotment. It is not run by the council, the land is owned by a local farmer and it is run/managed by a committee of other plot holders to form a society. I have been having ongoing issues where the committee simply don't like me and don't like the fact I have a disability etc. Anyway a few weeks ago there was an incident (a committee member was given an answer to a question she asked previously and didn't like) where and the committee called the police on myself and a family member I had visiting. Originally the committee said they were going to call the police because we were trespassing, I wasn't I was on my plot that I have a tenancy agreement for. When the police came we were asked to leave and were humiliated. On the way out we were physically intimidated (screaming in our faces etc) by the previous committee who won't actually fully step down. I was then given an eviction notice from the current committee stating that I was being evicted because I was found guilty of gross misconduct (theft, damage, verbal or physical abuse/threats). This was proven not true and confirmed by the police.

    The committee changed the allotment gate code that same day preventing me access to my plot. I requested an appeal, as stated in my tenancy agreement, but I am appealing to the people who don't like me. They denied it and now say I have been evicted because I 'smirked' and 'had insight to' the event. I did neither. I keep asking for my property, originally they offered me 5 hours to clear my 270 square metre plot. I explained this is not a reasonable amount of time given the structures I have and the size of the plot. The tenancy agreement states a month. They continue to refuse. After stating that I would seek legal advice they then said they would pick four dates in November and I could have 4 hours each day where they will monitor and observe the clearance of my plot. Again I explained that 16 hours is still not enough. I am trying to seek legal advice but it is very difficult to find the correct solicitor to help me (there are ongoing harassment, bullying etc issues). I informed them again that I would be seeking legal advice and would discuss it with the police.

    The police continue to tell me it is a civil matter, despite the intimidation, discrimination etc. The committee have now said that the only way that they will give me access is if I guarantee that I do not contact them or have any officials including police or solicitors after 14.11.23 as well as not talk to anyone, be chaperoned and monitored like in a prison and have it cleared by the end of the month, now giving me about 2 weeks. They said anything left after that date will be their property. I am not allowed any chaperone it is one of their choosing and they are not available for the next 10 days anyway so I will then be left with 5 days to clear the plot, hoping that the weather is suitable.

    I have tried gaining legal advice from solicitors but again it is difficult because I am not sure what type of solicitor to get help with since they all specialise (i.e. divorce, child custody, injury etc). The committee have said that if I enter the plot especially without the agreements that they would call the police on me for trespassing. They are now evicting anyone who supports me or basically doesn't agree with them.

    My question is what rights do I have? What type of solicitor do I need to help me? What can I do and can I take this to court? I have all the evidence of in either writing, or audio and visual recordings. I have evidence of harassment, bullying, extortion, data protection, discrimination, intimidation, and more. They have even threatened to cut my locks to access my plot causing damage to my property. I just need help as I am at the end of my rope and I want my stuff but I don't want them to get away with this as they originally lied to the police in the first place and lied in the eviction notice.
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