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Bank-Smart CCJ

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  • Bank-Smart CCJ


    My mother had received some claim forms from Bank-smart over the last couple of months and now has received a letter that she has had a CCJ placed against her, I just ran her credit check and it's there, as far as I am aware she never did go through with her claim from them in the first place.
    Just received a letter from them today that says "RE: County Court Judgment Overdue - Enforment Action in 14 Days.

    All help will be very much appreciated, thank you

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    Your post is a bit unclear as to what has happened. It sounds like she might have had a formal court claim, ignored it and got a county court judgment by default.

    It would be helpful if you could post up the claim forms and the letter she just received, redacting any personal information.

    How much is the judgment for?


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      But you have it exactly correct.

      Total is 508.84

      When the last court summons came in a few weeks ago I did some googling and saw this firm in the FCA website and that they had been given "wind down requirements" and should have ceased claims after 13 April 2023 and the court that they had placed the claim in with (Civil National Business Centre) had a message on the gov website that it no longer existed and the phone number on the letter had been disconnected that was on the 15/09/23, assumed this was a clone company trying to pull a fast one.

      To be honest she is in the fortunate position to be able to pay it now but it just seemed like some dodgy scare tactic to make a quick buck and take advantage of her, from what she said she never went through with the claim but don't think that matters.
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          Without knowing the exact history of your mum's involvement with Bank Smart it's difficult to advise that she should challenge it.

          Even if she didn't go through with a (PPI?) claim and didn't receive compensation she's still got an uphill battle just to get the judgment set aside as she apparently won't have any reasonable excuse not to have responded to the claim and defend it. An application for set aside will cost 255 which she probably won't get back and even if she's successful she'll still need to defend the claim which could be drawn out, stressful and risky.

          My advice? Just pay it within 30 days and follow the notes on the judgment to have it removed from her credit file and she can get on with her life.


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            That is fair enough, don't know what resolution I was really expecting since it has been left to fester like that.
            Thank you for the advice will follow that and put this behind us.


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