Hi I am an Australian Citizen, i did a 2 year working holiday in UK in 2017. I submitted my tax as i should and never thought any more about it. Earlier this year my friend received some mail at my old address in Australia saying I owe 4000 quid in penalties because i didn't submit any more returns since 2017. so i didn't submit for 18, 19, 20, 21, and 2022 etc. I lost access to my old email account which i was registered for my Home Office Account so i never received any notifications until my friend told me she received letters in the mail earlier this year. I think this is highly unfair as i was only living in UK and earning money in Uk for 1 year in 2017. I went back to Australian end of 2017 as i broke my foot and it made things difficult with employment, so it was just easier to head home. I tried to access my old email account many times but i was unable to and my working holiday visa ended in 2018 anyway, so i don't think i should have to pay any penalties as i didn't earn any money and I wasn't even a resident there.

I have filled out forms for the years i was supposedly supposed to submit my tax and i have filled out an appeal letter, but before i send it i want to make sure i'm taking the right course of action. Any information and advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,