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Parking fine

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  • Parking fine

    Hi all
    hoping to get some help i have recently received a parking fine whilst shopping for literally 17min i wasnt aware of any signage that i saw on the busy car park.
    There are no signs on the entrance barriers and after revisiting the site i can now see a few more signs but none at the entrance until you drive in and have to drive to the left and the sign is on the right.
    I then discover that if you have been shopping on site you can present your reciept to the car park machine and your stay is freeI have appealed the notice 8 days ago with proof in the form of a receipt for the time I was there and they have declined my appeal and have given me 2 options.
    1, pay the 60 within the 28 days or it goes to 100
    2, re appeal to the IAS.
    I have tried to contact the IAS website and re appeal but it can't find my details I have since emailed the parking company (g24) and have received an unhelpful automated response.
    please can someone advise on how to deal with this as 60-100 for 17 min is ridiculous
    many thanks
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    You go into the supermarket and complain to the manager

    Usual the advice is to not appeal to the IAS because you will lose.

    What do the signs say?


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      Thanks for the reply. Do you think that would get waived if i complained enough to the supermarket and took my receipt?
      please see attached images
      Attached Files


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        Many of the supermarkets will cancel if they xan for genuine customers


        • #5
          Many thanks i will try that Monday I will post an update
          thank you


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