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Car Still For Sale??

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  • Car Still For Sale??

    Hello. I am confused and am needing a little advice. My car was taken to be sold to pay outstanding debt. Luckily I was able to pay debt in full and take car back into my possession. However the place of sale still have my vehicle advertised for an ongoing auction and is still accumulating bids.
    Is this a criminal act? Or is it worth me (or a friend of a friend) bidding an amount guaranteed to win and taking it from there? The online auction clearly states my registration and since the car was released back to me has accumulated an additional 2000 in bids.
    What can I do? I have no shame in adding, preferably to my utmost gain or advantage. They used the laws of the land against myself, it's only fair I if possible return the favour.

    Does anyone know where I stand?
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    Who physically has possession of the vehicle at present? Are the Auction House aware the debt is settled - has whoever took the vehicle told them it is now resolved?


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      I have possession of car. Debt settled on Thurs 15th and car released to me on Friday 16th.Auction house would be aware as bailiff issued them the release note.
      As I write car is STILL up on auction and since last night another 1000 on price. Standing at 4000 currently. Auction is due to end on Tues at 10am.

      Hope that helps?


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        In that case the Auction House would be selling in error and good title to the goods would not be passed.


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          OK I'll try a different query, same principal. If I advertised something for sale in the knowledge it wasn't mine to sell, nor did I even have what I'm trying to sell, I'm pretty certain my local Lord Lucan ( sorry meant beat officer) would quickly take an interest as an aid to his quest to become a detective..I'd question the error part considering it was they who released the physical vehicle to me. More pre-meditated with a view of obtaining a pecuniary advantage. However if I'm wrong, it's not the first time....



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