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  • Bevpink

    Hi everyone, hoping that someone might be able to help me..¬*
    my Autistic son who's 30yrs old has been staying with me in Mansfield UK for the past 10 weeks. He went back home to where he lives in Arnold Nottinghamshire to the place where he lives a supported living flat complex. It was stressful for him as it was to move back home. Later on he went to a store near where he lives and the manager refuses him entry. My son asked why and was told" don't act dum.. You was caught shoplifting.. My son told him several times that it wasn't him but he wasn't bothered. My son asked when he was supposed to have done it and he was told 3 weeks ago and you have already tried to get in again other day and was told to leave as you are banned ".. My son is absolutely heart broken about being accused of shoplifting... He was no where near the store when it was supposed to have happened. I've spoken to customer service and they don't seem to want to know.. I have evidence from his staff to say he wasn't even living in that area... This has happened through lockdown...¬*
    please help it wasn't him...¬*
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    Have responded on your other thread.

    If all else fails there ius always social media, as long as you keep it purely factual


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      Thank you for your reply I can't find the other message you sent unfortunately. I think that that's probably going to be the best way to be honest. I'm am a very honest person so everything that I will write will be 100% factual thank you for your advice it's very much appreciated¬*


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        If I were you I'd consider making a formal written complaint.

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        Donald Jay Fagen


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          I can't find that other post either!

          It would have been on the lines that the store can ban anybody they like without reason, but in this case a strongly worded letter of complaint to CEO of company (assume it's not a little corner shop as you have already been in touch with customer disservice)


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