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How and when are chattels distributed how and when is a will read

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  • How and when are chattels distributed how and when is a will read

    How and when are chattels distributed after a death*
    How and when is a will read
    How are beneficiaries contacted if they are not executors*
    Is the term I direct my Trustees give (the named beneficiaries) 6 months to purchase a property at a reduced rate from myestate legally binding
    Much appreciated*
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    Difficult to respond when only bits of a will are given but:
    1)chattels are distributed when the executor decides unless there is a specific direction in the will
    2)a will is read by the executor. It is not necessary for it to be divulged to anyone else.
    If probate is obtained a copy can be purchased from the court as it is then a public document.*
    if probate is not required it remains a private document
    3) probably, but what other directions are there?


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      Hi thank you for your response
      There is no direction on chattels just I give and bequeath my chattels to.....*
      2 who/what organisation do you request a copy of the will from, and at what time can this be done ie straight after death after probate is granted but how would I know when this is* if I am not an executor*
      3 there are no other directions just pecuniary gifts to various beneficiaries*
      Thanks again*


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        Are you sure there is nothing in the will which could give the executor some discretion in the direction to allow a certain beneficiary 6 months in which to purchase the property at a reduced rate?
        It seems very vague, and what is "a reduced rate"?
        What happens to the property if it is not bought?
        To whom do the proceeds go, as you mention specific pecuniary gifts but not residuary beneficiaries?

        You can search probate records here:*https://www.gov.uk/search-will-probate


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          Morning yes sorry I have only put on small extracts of the will
          The will states 6 months with some discretion and 2 estate agents to value then offered to the beneficiarie at 50% of its value if the beneficiarie decides not to purchase then 50k is given and bequeathed for own use and benefit free from taxes.*
          The will has ten charities as the residual beneficiaries*
          Thank you for your help on the above*
          A good day to all


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