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Court Order

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  • Court Order

    I received today court information regarding a hearing on the 13th December 2019 regarding my case against The Utility Warehouse Ltd as I did not turn up and told the courts that I could not, turn up that the case has been struck out and that I have to pay 3000 pounds plus the costs I am in financial difficulty and sent an e-mail for the case to, be cancelled as I can only afford a pound a month as I am in debt what can I do, I could not attend as I felt unwell on the hearing date.
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    Set Aside Application* ( you brought the case against them???? , we need real information to access the next move?? you mean the case you brought against them struck out, (* very confusing at the moment,.. give the full story?* relax and we probably can advise with the facts??


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      Basically I was a distributor for The Utility Warehouse and I got into debt with my gas account, I contacted the Ombudsman Energy and as I made a complaint the Utility Warehouse took my distributorship off me, I had problems with my mobile landline and broadband also, I took the Utility Warehouse to court, and as I did not attend, the case was struck out and the defendant The Utility Warehouse was awarded 3000 pounds plus court costs, as I am in financial difficulty I will have to appeal this.


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        You informed the court before the hearing that you could not attend? How long before the hearing and did you submit skeleton arguments, witness statements and evidence prior to the hearing.

        What were your grounds for taking UtilityWarehouse to court and what were you asking for? Loss of your distributorship?*
        Were you actually making an income from it ( multi level marketing ) ? and was there a term in the contract for distributors that you don't make complaints ?
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