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Contractors who never give insurance backed guarantees & Storm damage

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  • Contractors who never give insurance backed guarantees & Storm damage

    What a state of affairs this country and so called tradesmen are in, get quotes for expensive major building work like new Roofs etc and when request details of guarantees to be told they give 10 year guarantee but not externally covered, in another words if out of business then you are out of pocket as I pointed out to one after window company went bust and failed to give guarantee? christ sake is there no common sense in this country, the jobs are vastly over priced once you work out materials cost and labour (money for old rope comes to mind>)
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    tempest storms and roof badly leaks = Insurance state not storm damage (Surveyor has camera pole Technology URgghhhh? ) whereby does not get on the roof to check Apex to lower areas, misses tile moved and broken, BUT Insurers state we check ceiling for asbestos and result will enable us to replace or repair, BUT roof leaked in very high winds of 78+ MPH reported 23 miles away weather station> , ceiling gets checked but refuse to check 2nd ceiling which is bowled and a hole as 50% of bowl was filled with drained off water>* any Comments? IDEAS?


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      finally they are sending chap back to check lounge ceiling with hole in it, for asbestos (cost them 2nd visit) , water still coming in on high winds( not happened before the storms we have had)??

      new roof being fitted at my expense, no recourse with insurance company??? well they admit the inner ceiling damaged but the roof another part of policy (building) hard luck,

      heard 5 stories in this one area of the same problems, insurance paid for 50 years just in case = when required hard luck?? Any views??? a disgrace with the insurance industry*

      1st ceiling test shows no asbestos/


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        Before commenting I would like to see full policy wording and coherent details of your problem.

        writing in bullet points makes it difficult to understand what has happened, mike


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          tempest storms , wind blown up roof tiles, water dripping through ceilings , Insurance state ceiling on contents will pay out, but roofing is a buildings area and no known reason to* be covered as no tiles show as moved or cracked* 9they had one now replaced that area ok now)* but original bedroom dripping is still occurring hence new roof being put on, ( so called roof replaced just before we moved in = not so as only membrane replaced old tiles used it seems)..* surveyor looked from a distance and stated possibly the apex does not look good, so paid to have it all reset , did not correct the problems with wind and water through ceilings , *

          Oh! well Insurance let out clause. get on with it, been told happens all the time, but no tempest storms = no problems>> **


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            If your roof has not suffered damage but leaks because it has been badly maintained or constructed, you cannot expect your insurers to make good damage to the building caused by water ingress under normal conditions.
            I assume your policy covers "Storm damage" and probably defines storm* in the policy wording.
            If it doesn't define "storm" you may have an arguable case, but you will need to obtain Met Office reports to show what weather conditions prevailed at that time.

            Your real problem seems to lie with the builder who gave you a worthless guarantee and a poor job before going out of business.


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              Done before we bought home now nobody knows who they were ; survey Dr as stated by insurance company uses* camera pole technology ummmm but no ladder riff had no problems until that bad storm and weather station recorded 78mph 22 miles away as informed by insurance claims girl


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                It is for the claimant to prove his loss is covered by the insurance policy.
                You need to ascertain if policy defines storm.
                If the weather conditions fit the bill the insurers should cover any damage caused by water ingress.
                If they refuse you either complain to FOS or go straight to court to enforce performance


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                  Will look it up


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                    Building insurance storm mentioned
                    Attached Files


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                      78 mph winds recorded at a weather station only 22 miles away is Hurricane force, so I would be going back to building insurers and arguing that damage was caused by "storm winds in excess of Beaufort scale rating force 10" causing a "substantial and abnormal* build up of water from an external source" (flood) in your roof space and you require performance of contract.
                      You will of course need to verify that station's figures and that it is the nearest to you.
                      If they still refuse and can't come up with an acceptable reason you can complain via ombudsman (altho' I have little faith in him!) and then county court


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