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Highview parking notice

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  • Highview parking notice

    Hi everyone first time posting please can I have some help, still working out this site. The said driver received a parking notice from highview parking 16-17 days after shopping at retail park and camera taking photos of going in and out saying the driver over stayed time but they hadnít seen signs.
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    Sorry hadnít finished. Any way we read here that the keeper can wright to the company and reject the notice as it was revived later then 14 days. Highview sent this back....please can we have some advice on what to do next thank you


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      Notice to keeper after 14 days and no windscreen ticket means they cannot hold the keeper liable.

      has the driver been identified ? Simple yes or no please.


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        No they havenít


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            This is the letter sent back after the keeper rejected the parking notice as it was revived after 14 days, sorry I thought it was posted already. Please could you advice on the next coures of action, thank you


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              So you write back:

              Thank you for your letter of the xxxx.

              I note that you are stating that you are not invoking the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. That is, of course, you prerogative but without using POFA you can only claim from the driver of the car at the time. I have already told you that I am under no legal duty to provide that information and will not be doing so.

              Continuing to write to the keeper when, on your own admission, you have no claim against the keeper amounts to harrassmant and I demand that you desist forthwith. You are not doubt aware of the case of Ferguson v British Gas and its result.


              Then ignore any further communications (but file) unless you get a letter before claim then come back here.


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                Great will do thank you so much. What do you mean if I get a letter before claim also what do you mean keep files? Sorry to sound silly. Thank you so much for your help


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                  Just keep any of the letters that you receive. The only letter you do not ignore is one headed "Letter Before Claim" or similar wording.


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                    Thank you very much for your help


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