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Charging order against house blocking sale - Restons Solicitors

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  • Charging order against house blocking sale - Restons Solicitors

    Morning all,
    I have buyers who have been attempting to purchase our house since July 2017. We have a mortgage, 2 x charging orders against the house and the figures are incredibly close. The buyers solicitor has essentially advised the buyers that the amounts are too close to proceed which as it has taken 7 months is now the case. Our original mortgage was with Northern Rock and 2 credit cards ended up in the hands of Restons Solicitors (another painful story too long to bore you with !). I have been advised by Landmark who now hold our mortgage to contact Restons and ask that they reduce the charging orders as they are blocking the sale. My issue is that Restons are absolutely impossible to contact. You can ring, quote the reference number, get put through to automated switchboard and wait for a call which never happens or when Im driving, so you begin the process and return the call and start the whole thing again ! I have written to them via their online system, they have quoted it could be 10 days.

    I have read elsewhere that if the charging order was in fact a restriction then it makes a difference but I have no clue how I would find that out - I do have the Land Registry letters but nothing from Restons.

    I guess what I am really trying to establish is how I can get a result and hopefully a house sale if the people holding the charges cannot be contacted

    Any assistance would be really fantastic
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    Contact CEO E-mail?? or send a RECORDED DELIVERY letter to the chairman??

    Restons Solicitors Limited
    Mr Nigel Coe Managing Director
    Email npc@restons.co.uk
    Telephone 01925 661600
    Switchboard 01925 661600
    Website http://www.restons.co.uk
    Postal Address Trinity Chambers, 800 Mandarin Court, Centre Park, Warrington, WA1 1GGM
    Company Number 05584055
    Company Status Active (Established 05/10/2005)
    See also Companies House data for UK companies from 05584050 to 05584059


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      Thank you for the information - will get to it this weekend


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