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How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012

Important !
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  • How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012

    How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012

    The method of posting Youtube videos was described in this original thread


    This involved using Youtube Tags and enclosing [ ] square brackets which lots of people never really liked, or understood.

    Since the recent upgrade to the site--it is now very easy indeed as we have access to a special Youtube Icon at top of the message bar that does all the work for us. (in actual fact it is a Video Icon as it also allows videos from the sites as below--but as Youtube is the dominant and most popular site of the bunch--this thread will be soley about Youtube posting.

    Hulu YouTube (Long) YouTube (Short) Vimeo Dailymotion Metacafe Google facebook

    The old method of posting Youtube videos will still work by the way -- but this thread details the new simple method which I reccommend everybody now uses.

    I have found that sometimes the dialogue box won't respond to "ok"--so after experimentation--I have deduced

    • Always insert your video BEFORE posting any other text (add text afterwards if required)
    • Only 1 Video is allowed per post under this new method
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    Re: How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012

    There's 3 simple steps:

    a)-Step 1...................Select your video in Youtube and then click Share as in the screenshot (A) below
    then when its link is highlighted in blue--hover over it,right click & select Copy


    right click the URL address (as arrowed) and also hover over it,right click & select Copy

    Either method is ok for Youtube--but I personally prefer clicking Share
    Other supported sites as mentioned in post 1 should use the URL address though as they don't have the Share facility


    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

    b)-Step 2
    the icon that looks like a film strip -- as below--and the screen (B) as in following post will appear

    Last edited by Turboman; 1st November 2012, 10:36:AM. Reason: mention of other supported sites


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      Re: How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012


      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

      Step 3................hover over dialogue box,right click and PASTE the link-----the dialogue box will now look like as below at


      Click OK--and your message area will look like the screenshot (D) as below



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        Re: How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012


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          Re: How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012

          Your feedback appreciated


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            Re: How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012

            Think this gives the best feedback possible! Thank you.


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              Re: How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012

              FWIW, the Queen & S&G clips play just fine on my old jalopy. I have to use IE, as my Google Chrome audio doesn't work ATM - but Both the video and the audio work just fine. Can't fault Bohemian Rhapsody - never could. As for 'Bridge' - that's always been a fave of mine, and that live version is nice. Most appropriate choice in these troubled times, if I may say so !!!

              I'll have a go at following Turbo's instructions and see if I can post a bit of ELO - by way of contrast...


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                Re: How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012

                I used method (a)

                Sorry about the speling - AND the French !!!


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                  Re: How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012

                  Perfect - looks like you've done a good job Turbo. There are two big challenges now - both were chatting about this with you in the chat box earlier! lol

                  The French adds to it - I've always adored the language and culture, and maintained up until about 10 years ago that at some stage I would go and live and work there.

                  Bon choix Monsieur Chevalier!
                  Last edited by labman; 1st November 2012, 00:04:AM.


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                    Re: How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012

                    Well done, Turbo (said through gritted teeth, of course). Job done, I reckon.

                    So - you have aspirations of becoming a frog, then, Mr L ? Go for it, I say. LOL @ L'homme du chien - Merci beaucoup, mon ami !!! (Soz - nearest I can get, given my French O-Level tutelage.) I had aspirations of becoming a prince (middle name IS Harry !!!) - but some other bunch of toffs pipped me at the jolly old post !!! Alas, a Knighthood was never on the cards, either - despite my many and varied attempts at rescuing damsels. Perhaps I should post summat by good ol' Maurice himself, but - seeing as I'm in a 'noisy' mood - I'll try some Gary Moore. Even Carlos Santana 'sacrificed his soul' by trying to imitate this, I believe, with 'Europa.'

                    I've deliberately tried writing the post text BEFORE adding the 'You-Tube' filmstrip link - just to see what happens.

                    Bon chance, mes amis....!!!


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                      Re: How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012

                      Originally posted by Bill-K View Post
                      LOL @ L'homme du chien - Merci beaucoup, mon ami !!! (Soz - nearest I can get, given my French O-Level tutelage.)

                      Signed: Dogman (has a certain charm I guess pmsl!)


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                        Re: How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012



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                          Re: How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012

                          Sorry - couldn't resist that! :tinysmile_kiss_t4::tinysmile_kiss_t4::beagle:


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                            Re: How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012


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                              Re: How-to-Post-YouTube-videos---Revised 31/10/2012

                              Yay!!!!! There's one of the two. You've worked miracles here Turbo.


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