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Fat Loss Club.....any experiences?

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  • Fat Loss Club.....any experiences?

    Ok, I am going to Slimming World on Tuesday. I didn't do it in January cos everyone might start and then not bother going and some might say that it's a New Year's resolution and I don't do that.

    So I have tried GI diet(it was good but I got bored), I've tried NHS one and lost over 18 kilos only to put all but about 5 back on. My work colleague has kinda done Slimming World and one of my close friends have gone there as well and have enjoyed the stuff that you can eat. As I am sure you can guess I have carpet bombed the site and relevant blogs and even have a slimming world lamb casserole in the slow cooker today.

    Has anyone done this one before and what are their experiences of Slimming World or other related fat loss clubs(am calling it that because that is kinda the point of them)?
    "Family means that no one gets forgotten or left behind"
    (quote from David Ogden Stiers)
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    Re: Fat Loss Club.....any experiences?

    I haven't actually signed up for it but she who must be obeyed did and I went along with it. Now she is no longer a member but we both still try to follow the suggestions. Lost 12 Kg (but a holiday in France and Christmas let some slip back on). It's dieting without the discomfort (occasionally slip in the bar of chocolate)


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      Re: Fat Loss Club.....any experiences?

      Ok, I have signed up since this thread began and since then I believe I will hit the 10% loss of my whole starting body weight next week. I go to a regular Tuesday night group and mostly women go(so an extra bonus ). The consultant is very positive and it's a very supportive environment. I was slimmer of the month, this month. That was pretty good.
      There are a few guys that go to my group and whilst I wouldn't say that it is a diet, since I've had a lovely fry up for dinner, it is a different way of life and I believe is something that works. I am trying not to make this post sound like an advert for them but I am so amazed at how good it is
      "Family means that no one gets forgotten or left behind"
      (quote from David Ogden Stiers)


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        Re: Fat Loss Club.....any experiences?

        Way of Life is a much better plan than a diet. Well done on being slimmer of the month - look forward to seeing you on a poster.... we have Slimming World HQ down the road and there's three giant posters on the outside of the building I guess of Slimmer of the Year. I don't know anything about fat Loss Club, will have to have a nosey, I know my Mum's doing really well with a Diet Doctor thing - she's running away ( successfully) from Diabetes at the moment and it seems a bit like the old Atkins diet - so lots of meat and very little sugar and carbs, and she seems to be rather enjoying bacon and eggs for breakfast most days lol.

        Personally I just try to be sensible and 5/2. Could do with starting back on the running though as feeling like a bit of a couch ( well, desk) potato lately.

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          Re: Fat Loss Club.....any experiences?

          Amethyst, there is the NHS couch to 5k program which I did a year or so ago and you could always do the park run.
          I know that I am motivated by seeing how much people have lost simply by changing a few things in life. Rather than reach for the crisps, you can reach for fruit and veg and to be honest, you can go to the pub and enjoy yourself regardless.
          I don't get shiny posters for Slimmer of the month but I did get a fridge magnet and a shiny glittery sticker(not sure that bit really goes with my personality, lol!).
          And well done to your mum on how well she has done. I think each of us have to succeed on a plan that works for us. For me, the one I am doing works superbly.
          "Family means that no one gets forgotten or left behind"
          (quote from David Ogden Stiers)


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            Shame this thread over 4 years ild


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              Originally posted by FaithMartin
              ...to get muscle mass after it, it is a really difficult task. I have tried a lot of different variants...
              You're yo-yo-ing: you diet to lose fat, but you also lose muscle-mass because you don't do any exercise to maintain or increase it, so you feel weak, give up the dieting and put the weight back on,... repeat ad-nauseum...
              Try the Stronglifts 5x5 app. Its a very simple free strength training programme that takes 20 minutes, 3 times a week, perfect for complete novices who want to lose fat and achieve a fit, toned, healthy look: fit like a ballet dancer, rather than a powerlifter . It increases metabolism which burns fat even at rest, builds core strength, and increases your overall fitness. A common misconception, particularly with women, is that lifting weights will make you look like a female version of Arnie but thats a fallacy: in order to build BIG muscles you need to be eating BIG calories - 10,000/day - and lifting BIG weights, but strength training at low weights during a calorie deficit (i.e. a DIET) will boost your weight loss no end, and make you fitter, stronger, more supple (just holding a barbell on your shoulders whilst performing a squat will gently stretch your entire upper body) and will sort back pain as it increases core strength.
              I used to think that my broad shoulders carried my portly 98kgs very well, given that I didnt look fat (I played rugby, FFS..!) but a few pics of me from a side angle made me realise that my broad shoulders were shifting a wheelbarrow of lard every time I took a step.

              I stopped alcohol, cut refined carbs, and my goal of 85kgs took 3 months to achieve. I now use Stronglifts as a maintenance plan to keep up muscle mass. I'm not "ripped" by any means, but have a rowers/swimmers toned physique of broad shoulders, strong arms, v-shaped torso, slim waist and toned "100mtr sprinter" legs.


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                That's great, thank you for sharing! I am going to lose weight too, and I have already quit drinking alcohol, eating sweets, etc... I would also appreciate any tips on good vitamins and supplements. What do you think about some weight loss aids like those from Canadian Pharmacy, for example? Maybe you can share some good and working tips here?
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                  Run by a Chap called Rich, he was obese now slim and super healthy, set up the page years ago and I followed after he talked to me in his taxi.

                  The guy has been there and walked the walk, group is really friendly and very knowledgeable

                  They share supplements tips, diet and recipes and have some great interviews and podcasts!


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                    Originally posted by jicead View Post
                    I would also appreciate any tips on good vitamins and supplements.
                    Why do you need supplements or vitamins? A good, healthy 2500 calorie diet with lots of green veg, quality protein, healthy fats and low GI carbs is really all you need as a weight loss aid. Supplements are for bodybuilders, because they need MORE: you DON'T.
                    It always makes me laugh when I see a guy exit the gym after spending an hour burning 300 calories and he's chugging a 300 calorie protein shake and a 500 calorie bottle of Lucozade to 'hydrate' and... he never seems to lose any weight.


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