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Scales of Justice need Balancing

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  • Scales of Justice need Balancing

    1) It is time that the Defence's Main Witness, ( alleged perpetrator!) in a Claim should by Law have to sign a Statement of Truth at onset of Case. Would save much Court Time.

    2) No no one should be able to refuse to provide a "Legible" copy of document from the "original producer" of the document, where it is clear that the Copy on file "have been made illegible" after receipt, and conclusively will prove the Plaintiffs case. In that the "Details are/were false, but obscured after receipt".
    Defendants should have to obtain documents that have had information concealed to cover up a Fraud.

    The rules are used and abused by Solicitors/Barristers. Aided and abetted by Judiciary either not being aware of or "ignoring" long established CPR Rules.
    It should be simplified.

    3) LiP's are not treated Equally in Law, as they are, under stress from what's happened to them anyway, and most importantly have not got the Money/Availability of Advice/Information. The Legally Qualified have studied for years (still get CPR Wrong).

    4) Why the need to keep producing "Bundles" reproducing same documents because of fear of none disclosure. If you have new Facts or Documents they should be able to be put in, added to the original Bundle as a new shorter Folder.
    My greatest enemy has been the abuse of rules. Refusal to disclose missing documents or whereabouts. My Case, had the Defendant had to sign a Statement of Truth, including that no documents tampered with, and that no forgeries. My case would have been over without 3 years of my life wasted.
    Its not supposed to be about only "Winning" for those Legal People. Lack of Disclosure is the problem.
    Justice, Balance and Honesty is what should be main aim. As stated by their Rules. It Would appear that the Scales are Definitely tipped in favour of the Qualified Legal People (not all are scoundrels) and those with Money. It's definitely not balanced.

    5) The SRA should be disbanded and a Competent Regulatory Body with Qualified people checking Complaints.
    They should have have to have sensible punishment. Not letting Solicitors off because they have an excuse or their mates say what a great person they are.

    SRA is an insult to both those who Report a possible issue and Legal people who try to uphold the Law and respect of the Public for it. Even when people get Convicted in Criminal Court and sent to prison they take ages to expel them.

    The Financial Services Ombudsman etc are far more efficient and pro active. Not just to the complainant.
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    Agree with all the SAR is the worse organisation in respect of peeps complaints and ignore most cases sent to them


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