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Mum died 19 years ago Barclays say she had PPI

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  • Mum died 19 years ago Barclays say she had PPI

    My Mum died in January 2004 , 19 years ago.
    ​​​​​​At time she had a personal loan with Barclays .
    When she told Barclays she had terminal cancer , they offered her a " free will wtiting service" and told her they would take the loan from her Estate. They also said they would " look after her affairs" They wanted her to sign and have them as sole executor of the will. But Mum insisted I would also be executor and tok my Brother off as executor.
    After she died , my Brother was miffed he was not excutor but both He and I were sole beneficiaries.
    My experience with Barclays was horrific...they were utterly bullies, and were quite forceful in taking the lead and wanted me to sign executor ship over to them.
    I refused.
    Mum's estate was around 100K .
    In the small print , which I'm sure Mum would never have agreed to, they would take the remaining loan , AND 30% of the estate!
    Once her flat was sold etc probate etc ( all of which they took the lead) freezing me out of everything, the estate was settled.
    My Brother and I got 35k each. Barclays had the rest.
    ​​​Today , I got a letter from Zelda. Explaining they took over Barclays and were involved in the estate and as a beneficiary of Mums will they have to notify me she had a PPI.
    There is a 1688 net outstanding on the estate.
    Please complete form with ID and send and they will deduct 628 " finders fee" ?

    I mean is this for real????
    A. it's stirred up bad memories of Barclays.
    B. If a PPI was taken out , why now ?
    C. If there is a legal valid claim , why a finders fee?
    I didnt request they find it?!.

    Any thoughts on how to approach this please?
    If they are hoping I will just fill in form and send it off , gratefully , they are wrong.
    Advice Please.
    Thank You .
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    Hi RainDaisy

    I can't find anything for Zelda, are you sure it's not a scam letter. That's an awful experience with Barclays, you should have complained to the FOS, the CEO of Barclays etc.


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      I suspect raindaisy is referring to the ZEDRA TRUST COMPANY, who were once k/a Barclays trust co.

      I'm afraid your experience with Barclays is not unusual, and I hope others learn from your experience that banks should never be appointed as executors.

      As Barclays(trust co?) were executors and have now changed their name I suppose they might be entitled to 30% of the newly discovered assets (506.40).
      However as executors it is their duty to locate the assets, so other than their reasonable expenses in doing so, I don't see why they should be able to claim a finders fee.

      I would certainly be raising questions about the probity of Barclays/Zedra as suggested by echat11


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