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Guidance needed about a loan

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  • Guidance needed about a loan

    Hi, I am a newbie here so please forgive any transgressions. My daughter passed away at the beginning of the year and while trying to sort her estate we have found that she had taken a loan with a well known supermarket bank (every little bit helps). This would not be a problem, however, she took it in my wife's name, used her driving licence, payslips as proof of id and also managed to have online acces to my wife's savings account. The loan was paid into this account and then transferred immediately out to my daughters bank account. I have documents etc to show all of this, however, the supermarket bank state they have conducted their investigation and the result is my wife is liable for this debt. This is all compounded by the fact my daughter was estranged and we are now caring for her two young children and as many of you know, children don't come cheap. I need some guidance on how to prove our innocence of this and try and get the supermarket bank to conduct a more thorough investigation.
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    Re: Guidance needed about a loan

    Hi and welcome, what a very, very upsetting situation for you.
    I am so sorry I can't be of any help as I know little if anything of situations like this.
    I will just ask, was the loan being repaid and if so from what account? if it was not being repaid then I am sure there would be reminder letters etc.


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      Re: Guidance needed about a loan

      What a horrible situation for you and your wife.

      Presumably your daughter's estate was not large enough to repay the loan.

      One of your first steps could be to report this identity theft and fraud to Action Fraud (http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report_fraud).
      You will then obtain a crime number, and hopefully the police will then carry out their own investigation.
      This would hopefully prove your wife was the victim and so put tesco in their place


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        Re: Guidance needed about a loan

        I agree with Des the only way to get an independent investigation is to report it as a crime. Not an easy decision with a family involved in normal circumstances, but in your case I would imagine it being doubly hard.


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          Re: Guidance needed about a loan

          Thank you for your responses. I have reported this on Actionfraud and now have a crime number, fingers crossed the Police will conduct a more detailed investigation and get the matter resolved.


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