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Probate appearance form5

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  • Probate appearance form5

    I am disputing my late Mothers will because the two executors my eldest brother and my youngest sister harassed my mother to leave out one brother which was witnessed and also committed fraudulent calumny to remove my self of which I have written proof.
    They told her if she told me I have been removed that I would commit suicide and she would have that on her conscience.
    On the will however it states her reason was we were estranged which is completely false.
    They have threatened me and harassed one of my late mothers best friend who my mum confided in, also removed items from the estate.
    They also know that a cancer diagnosis meant I could not earn so, court would be hard for me pay legal cost.
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    I need to know how to word everything for an appearance form 5 there is not a lot of room, I cannot afford a solicitor, to think my mother has gone to her grave over lies I will never get back I can’t let them get away with it.


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      Sorry to read about the passing of your mother and the problems you are having about her will

      I'll assume you have lodged a caveat and received a warning.

      If you make an appearance without legal advice you are taking a big financial risk. Once an appearance is made, the court must become involved to remove the caveat. This can be done by consent but legal costs are still incurred. If your claim ends up in court and you lose the case, you are likely to face paying a legal costs bill of many Łks

      There are experienced contentious probate solicitors that advertise on the internet, offer a free consultation and mention no win no fee arrangements.

      My advice is to set out in chronological order what happened, the evidence you have and contact a solicitor for a free consultation.


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        Thank you so much for your response, they sent the warning which I received last Friday, a deliberate ploy because of Easter to limit my response time I have filled in probate appearance form 5 but worried that I have done it wrong and this will be my one and only chance.
        I will have to post on Tuesday special delivery they are very calculated & no my health & financial issues come in to play.
        I was under the impression that they had to try & mediate prior to the warning, all they have done is threaten & intimidated my witnesses.
        The will says I was estranged but I was in contact with her by phone all the time, I sent flowers cards for every occasion the lack of personal contact is because of my health & Covid.
        My Sister who is an executor & beneficiary told my my mother lies to turn her against me and told her not to tell me because I may commit suicide and she would have that on her conscience, all correspondence have been headed without prejudice but her last letter because of her frustration with the caveat she left it off &. admitted mum left off the because what she had told her.
        Sorry to go on, thank you again for your response.


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