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No executor, no beneficiary, options please?

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  • No executor, no beneficiary, options please?

    Find myself in situation that I now have no executor or beneficiary for my will.

    Do not wish any of my family ( close or distant ) to be involved in or to benefit from my will. Do not wish to give everything
    to the tax man or to have to appoint a solicitor to act as my executor.

    Could anyone please advise, of any option/options which might be available to me, other than the Charity route ?
    Thank you, Peter3
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    One option - die a pauper by spending as much of it as you can, whilst you are still with us.
    Another option - leave it to me.


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      You can leave your property to a charity and money too.
      If you want my ten pence then I would sell your property and spend all your money on holidays and live what's left of your days on planet earth living life to the max.
      You can always spend a ton of money till your estate is bellow the IHT and give it all to a friend.


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        Many thanks for the replies so far.
        It now seems that ( unless I can convince a charity to act as Executor ) I will have to use a solicitor.
        Still seeking options for beneficiary other than a charity.
        There must be someone out there who has come across this situation before.
        Thank you,Pete.



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          Professional executors include solicitors, banks and accountants and they will all need paying for their services.
          If you want to appoint a lay person you need to find someone you can trust.

          You can leave your estate to anyone you like from the monarchy down to the homeless man on the street corner, so you could say split it between needy people on your street or put it behind the bar in your local pub to fund free drinks for the patrons until it runs out.

          You haven't given any idea of what you want, only what you don't want.
          You don't want your family to inherit, but be aware they can still make a claim against your estate.


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