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House Clearence

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  • House Clearence

    Hi hope someone can advise me? As executor of my late Farthers estate what powers do I have to make one of my 3 siblings help clear the famil home?
    or what advice can you give to myself and my Sister and Brother, to get my other Brother to pull his finger out and help? Itís 3 years since Dad died and 2.5 year since we started clearing. Or is there nothing I Or we all can do? Thank you.
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    You don't, it is up to you to arrange the clearance. Take out what you want then an external firm to do a house clear and charge the cost to th estate. I presume the contents have been valued for probate?


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      So basically my brother can sit on his backside and let my Sister and Myself do all the work clearing the house and not have to log a finger but still get all his money for the Estate?
      Even thought we said when my Dad died we would do everything together.


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        Sorry that should say lift a finger.


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          Well as executor you are responsible for collecting the assets; paying all liabilities including tax and correctly distributing the estate.

          AS Ostell has already said you oversee what happens to all the assets.
          If you want to go through the house item by item yourself that is fine but you cannot force others to help.
          If you find the task too onerous you could just employ a firm of house clearers to do the job for you.
          If they are fair they will pay for any valuable items, but you (the estate) might have to pay them if the assets have little monetary value.

          Perhaps your brother finds the thought of sifting through your father's house emotionally upsetting, or perhaps he can't spare the time or perhaps there is some other reason.
          In any event , your are the executor and it is your responsibility, and yes he is entitled to his share as detailed in the will


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