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Blocking unwanted calls using a Call Blocker

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  • Blocking unwanted calls using a Call Blocker

    These type of call blocking systems have been mentioned before --ie TrueCall
    --but this is a simpler cheaper system I've just got --so thought it may be useful to tell you about it (apologies if someone has already done it somewhere).

    Its the CPR Call Blocker v.106 and costs just 39.99.

    Here's the brief specification and a few links.


    Its got a comparison icon within the Home site too--click on that one to see its potential.

    What can it block?

    Silent Calls
    PPI Calls
    Recorded Messages
    Overseas Call Centers
    Harassment calls
    Withheld numbers

    Robo Calls
    Unavailable Calls
    VOIP Nuisance Callers
    Prank calls
    Spoofed Calls
    Marketing C
    It comes with the settings all off (except the blocking of the 200 pre programmed rogue numbers) so you can decide which blocking facilities you need to switch ON---see user manual


    I have had it just 48 hours now and I have posted my experiences so far on the forum---post 77--complete with a Queen video of course-pmsl


    Thanks for reply Kevin

    Had kit on for 30 hours now

    Already eliminated all the thrice daily calls from "Unavailable..International" for the person who lived here years ago!!!!! (and who has passed away)

    Got one from UK for him too last night--kept him on line until I walked to hallway and "Zapped" him--lol--here's a video for you from the greatest showman whoever lived!!!-lol


    Whereas before, I was squinting at call display to identify before answering--I am now confident in picking up phone straight away!!!

    However--I got a pre-recorded one this morning from 01613217891 (..qualify for a boiler & solar panels...etc)
    Was this supposed to be intercepted ?--or are they effectively only turning on the pre-recorded message AFTER a second or so perhaps?

    Of course--I have "zapped" that one also so won't get it again.
    On WITHELD numbers etc it effectively won't let them through----I would have preferred a "The caller is not accepting anonamous calls--please redial without witholding your number"----like happens on my original option from tellephone supplier Karoo at 1 a month--(now cancelled)

    This is discussed in post 54 here:


    I'm ok with how it works at the moment though
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    Re: Blocking unwanted calls using a Call Blocker

    May I add to this Turbs?
    if you have an iphone operating on the latest software you can also block a number from your mobile phone handset, but selecting the number and sliding to block :tinysmile_twink_t2:


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      Re: Blocking unwanted calls using a Call Blocker

      Who sells the V106 call blocker


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        Re: Blocking unwanted calls using a Call Blocker

        Originally posted by hush puppy View Post
        Who sells the V106 call blocker


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