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01613020221 - homeserve- scam

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  • 01613020221 - homeserve- scam

    Got a call from a young man named "Ken" or it could have been "Kevin" saying he was calling from Homeserve regarding out kitchen appliance cover.

    Being in that sorta mood today, come on you guys know I love playing whack-a-mole with the cold callers,I asked when we took the policy out.

    He repeated that he was from Homeserve and it wasn't an active cover policy.

    I asked when we took it out again, he told me to call Homeserve!! Remembering of course he IS Homeserve!

    I reminded him of that little fun fact, and asked "Where are you actually calling from, what company?"

    "Homeserve Ma'am!"

    "So, as you are from Homeserve, why don't you know when the policy was taken out? And why do I need to call Homeserve when, apparently, Homeserve are on the phone to me now about it?!"

    He then told me I wasn't listening, and that he was from Homeserve about my kitchen applicance cover, "For washing machine, cooker and freezer Ma'am!"

    Which was when I broke, he literally broke me, I cracked up laughing and let him in to the little fact that in a previous incarnation I worked for Thames Water. I called Homeserve maybe 20-30 times a day and that
    1: Homeserve don't forget who they work for
    2: Homeserve send all renewal paperwork by post unless specifially asked to by phone.
    and most importantly, and was he listening REALLY carefully, HOMESERVE DON'T COVER KITCHEN APPLIANCES!! They cover boilers and plumbing and drainage!!

    He put the phone down on me! How rude!! I was having a great time laughing at him!

    I called Homeserve and gave them the telephone number and will be reporting the number to the TPS too.

    Gotta love having insider information
    PLEASE NOTE: I work irregular hours including nights and sleep in shifts. If I have not responded in 48 hours, please ask an admin to Messenger me!

    "If you ever feel alone, remember, I am just the other side of the rainbow, or just south of the North Star. Whichever is closer." - A.J Murphy. 17/3/1974 - 16/03/1997 (RIP babe <3)
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