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Going round in circles with 3 cancellation

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  • Going round in circles with 3 cancellation

    I signed up to 3 for a 24-month Broadband contract over 2 and a half years ago, I had no problems at all until the day I decided to Cancel and give 30 days notice.
    To be honest I had no contact details and the only I had was to cancel my D/D payment (December 2023) and wait for them to contact me, I received a call on 02/01/24 asking for my late payment and January's payment. I paid it over the phone and I asked to be put through to cancellations where I gave my 30 day cancellation notice, they tried to convince me to stay by offering a tablet but I stuck to my guns and went ahead with the 30 day notice.
    I asked for verification by email but didn't get one, I didn't pursue them for it.
    21st February I received another call from them wanting money for Jan/Feb (payment dates were set from 21st to 20th of the month), I questioned this as I thought it was canceled but had to pay for that month before being transferred to cancellations again.
    The person I spoke to was the same person I spoke to originally and he apologized for not completing the cancellation the month prior, he reassured me that it would be done now and he confirmed that I will not owe them any more money and would not hear from them again. I again asked for a confirmation email but again didn't get one, however, I did get an email off 3 saying my account is now up and running again. I recorded the whole conversation I had with him because I knew I would get another call this month from them asking for money, and sure enough, I got a call on 19/03 saying I owed them more money only this time I kicked off and told them they're not getting a penny out of me as my account is now closed.
    They threatened me with bailiffs if I didn't pay because the account is still active but because I sounded very angry they would put me through to complaints, the guy in complaints claimed I don't know how the procedure works and the sales team didn't know that I canceled because it doesn't show up on their database, he went on to say that I owe nothing even though my account shows I owe money because on the 22nd it will show 0 and my account will be settled in full.
    I have my doubts

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