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Am i within my rights to return this

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  • Am i within my rights to return this

    Hi Wondered if somebody could put me straight on this?
    Ive been with my mobile network Three for quite a few years and i am the bill payer for myself, my wife and my grown up daughter. Our Samsung phones were in need of upgrading from S9s and i checked around and settled on the Samsung A54 models for all of us.
    I saw there was an online phone selling company that had what i thought was a really good deal. So i got in touch over the phone and ordered a different colour for each of us.
    On the phone he dealt with what i wanted, put the order through, said everything was ok including covering emails for each one and told me they would be with me in a day or two.
    All seemed well until the next day after placing the order i received an email from them saying "Thankyou for your recent order with us, unfortunately your application has been declined by Three and we've had to cancel the order within our system. We cannot give specifics but may have been declined by them due to credit history or something like that?
    So i got straight onto Three about what happened, they couldn't understand why and asked me did i still want the phones? I said yes and the Three guy signed me up with an even better deal than the other company could.
    The delivery from Three arrived a day or so later via DPD which was accepted but unbeknown to me included a phone from the other company? which was taken in and put to one side to return. Why after saying my order was declined would they send one. Anyway it got mislaid at home and forgotten for a while and only got remembered after they sent me a first month and second months bill for it.
    This phone the box has not been opened and seal has not been broken. All this started late may early june.
    Am i within my rights to return it to them as they told me my order had been declined which prompted me to recontract with Three? As i dont need this phone and didnt expect it.
    Any advice appreciated. Thankyou
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