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A phone order gone terribly wrong! I need help

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  • A phone order gone terribly wrong! I need help

    Hello and thanks for taking your time to read my post.
    I tried to place an order for a new contract (iPhone) with one of the major uk networks directly on their website about two months ago.
    Having put all my details and a deposit of 50 , the order failed at the last stage because “I didn’t pass credit check” according to the message displayed on their website.
    Later, I received an email with a subject line “Your EE ORDER: please call us to discuss”. I never call them because I had already made alternative arrangements for my phone needs.

    a few weeks gone by and I was wondering why they didn’t return my 50 back, but then to add insult to injury I found that they have charged me a monthly bill twice without my knowledge.

    I’ve contacted them explaining everything , but they don’t seem to be interested in resolving the issue in good faith.
    I’ve had so many email exchanges with them. I answer everything they asked for? But they’re always evasive when I ask them for information.
    I’ve managed to get a direct debit cancelled and refunded, the 50 deposit taken from my debit card is been disputed.

    To summarise this all in order:
    1) order failed (on my end of the screen)
    2) phone company claims to have delivered the phone and SIM card (I never received any delivery)
    3)phone company charges me twice from direct debit for “monthly payment “
    4)asked phone company to refund the money, but they refused
    5)I got the charges refunded back into my account

    So to begin withI wasn’t even aware there was any delivery as I was told the credit check failed. But regardless of that, the hard fact is simply never delivered any phone or sim card to my address.
    moreover when I ask them a description of my flat they misidentified my door and floor. So clearly it appears they delivered it elsewhere.
    Despite my repeated effort they just don’t want to accept this fact.

    it looks like they live with me with no option, but to taking this case to court. But in the meantime I am also worried my credit file would be ruined until this case is settled because I’m not willing to pay for something I don’t owe.
    Can someone advise me what I should be doing to save my credit history?
    Thank you so much in advance for your help

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